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Crys nodded at Vilen's question. "No, we cannot talk about this." She smiled. "Don't worry too much. Just be there."
Ali noticed Evin coming their way, and her eyes widened a little when he approached and spoke to Crys, she really didn't want to see her upset again. Crys simply nodded smiling. "Ali, relax, it's fine." she then faced Evin. "Indeed, we should talk." She stood up to leave the table, but before that she addressed Ali in a serious tone. "If you dare to close your eyes right now, we'll go past friendly debating. Do you understand?"
Ali sighed, she was planning to do just that. "Yes, I understand."
Crys nodded getting her plate from the table, and walking past Evin towards another table on the other side of the room, with a simple "Follow me."

Ali was curious, but then... She wasn't afraid to ask Crys about things she wanted to know. She looked at Vilen, and laughed at his expression. "Cheer up. You've been assigned to the joys of Theron's training. Crys is the least of your problems now, believe me. It was not a fun day."

She gave the remaining stew in her bowl an ugly look and pushed it away. "I'm done."


Crys walked to a table on the other side of the room making sure Evin was following, sat down, and sighed. She was tired, and irritated. Other than that, a little sore from the punch to the face. She pulled a wine bottle from her bag, discretely since they were not allowed to have alcohol in camp, and poured some on her empty tea cup. Then she spoke. "So, how did disturbing my mother work out for you?" She smirked. "I have things to say, but I'll let you talk first if you like."

She sipped from her cup quietly, and put the bottle on the table. "Have some if you want."