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"Theron? Training?" Vilen asked, surprised. He was aware that the man had become an instructor, as was everyone, but training active assassins? This was all way too much. Up until about twenty-four hours ago, he had been enemy of the assassins. As far as most were concerned, he still was an enemy to the Wolfpack. Sure, Dani had seen fit to forgive him and even welcome him into their ranks, and no one would dare oppose her, especially at this time, but that didn't mean that people liked it. And now Vilen was going to have to train under him?

Ali was right, Crys would be the least of his problems, now. After all, he wasn't too confident in the sanity of the new instructor. But he supposed that it was better than real punishment.

"Why is he training us, though?" Vilen inquired. "Aren't there some recruits that require attention? Shouldn't we be more worried about this ... man who is going around murdering our leaders?" Then recognition dawned on Vilen's face. "Ooohh ... so the Shadow Hunter thinks that he has some special insight that he can share with us, doesn't he?"