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Crys considered telling Evin what she could do, but thought maybe that might scare him a little. "Other than my parents, Ali and Jake are the only ones who know how I do it. Since is relevant to what we're working on, I'll simply tell you I'm an enlightened, and leave it to that. If I end up dead with a stab wound sometime you'll know why."
She smirked and continued. "The book... I don't know what it says, obviously, but I do know that my father's brother lost his wife to this killer. So after her death he investigated and gathered information on every death that occurred until he died... One night before my father's death. It's all written there. Who the victims were, what they could do, how they were killed... Everything."

Crys smiled, and spoke in a much more gentle tone. "I don't dislike you Evin. Not one bit. What bothers me is that you always seem to measure your words and actions in order to get the upper hand or take advantage. Most people consider you charming and pleasant. To me, it makes it hard to trust you." She laughed and shrugged slightly. "Maybe I'm just weird like that."

She poured the rest of the wine, and chuckled. "Just so you know... The ultimate hypocrisy in the world is telling yourself you're not a hypocrite. Everyone is a hypocrite Evin, one way or another. A bottle of wine is not my biggest transgression, not by a far. The worst thing I did would force my mother to have me executed. So, I never told her, I let Jake confess to it. I had him expelled for something I did. Things like this happen when you brake the rules, people get hurt. So I discourage people to do it. So I'm a hypocrite, yes."

Crys got up and nodded. "I should go get some sleep. If I'm not sober tomorrow... Well... My mother won't care, she's in a shock. But still..." She slipped the bottle back into her bag, and smiled before walking away. "I'm glad you found your friend, by the way."

Crys left not leaving much room for questions, and went home to sleep. She knew it'd take at least a whole other bottle to actually affect her, but she thought it was best to sleep the wine off before training.