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Moving slowly in the heavy rain that crashed down from above, the dark figure made his way over to the lonely and sad grave before him. Sorrow and grief was something a normal person would feel but this man had showed enough of those emotions to last a lifetime by now. Upon reaching the grave the man dropped to both his knees, feeling the earth around the grave with his glove covered hands. The earth was dirty, wet and sloppy because of the rain but he kept on digging his hand into it. The feeling of sorrow was smashing inside his head and heart but his facial expression remained untouched while looking at the grave stone. On it there was a text, one very familiar to the man which said:

"Here lies Sebastian Rivers; A great husband, a wonderful father and a remarkable leader. You will be missed for the person you were and for your good deeds in this world. May you Rest in peace."

A simple and yet very beautiful couple of sentences that would bring any man or woman who knew him to tears but the figure sitting on his knees before the grave with his hands deep down in the dirt remained cool and emotionless. He had now stopped to move his hands as if he had caught something deep inside the earth but that was not the case. The feeling of sorrow was starting to take over his mind as a lone tear slowly fell from his eye down to the ground. Upon reaching the ground it emitted a wonderful sound that didn't sound at all like all other water drops that fell around him that very moment. It was a special kind of water, a tear from a man who had lost everything and still remained vigilant to his cause. But for how much longer? More and more things around him died and there was not much he could do about it, at least not alone.

Another tear dropped from his eyes as he pulled his hands out from the earth and rose them to the sky above him. With him followed two perfectly shaped stone pillars next to the grave. Standing each on the opposite side of the grave, these pillars were joined by four others that dug themselves up from the ground a couple of meters away from the grave and each other. Suddenly there was three long stone pillars on each side of the grave, making a little path leading up the dead mans resting place. This was one of the smallest things the figure could do for his old friend but he would do more when time came for it. The man remained on his knees and stared at the grave stone for a couple of seconds.

"Do you remember in the old days? When we were part of this little group that thought themselves more powerful than almost anything else? How we hunted for blood and our weapons were the hunger for vengeance? That time is now long gone and for that I'm grateful..." The man began and looked at the pile of dirt where Sebastian were buried.

"We were best friends back then... You were like a brother to me, the brother I never had. We shared almost everything together. It was a time of great joy, until you went missing that is. I was crushed at the time and no one could calm me down. I practically tore the entire cottage down." The man continued, smiling. He was crying silently now yet it didn't affect the way he spoke.

"I will always cherries the moments we had together for they are the ones which keeps me going, heading forward towards my destiny. I thank you for everything and I hope for everything in the world that we'll see each other on the other side. Also don't you worry about Daniela or Crystal, I will keep my eye on them for you until they may join you as well when the time for it is right." He said and rose from his position. "I will, as I said before, join you too one day, but only when my task in this world is completed. I will not fail you nor anyone else you loved. I hope you can forgive me for everything I've done to you and your friends in the past and watch over me in the future for I will need every help I can get."

And with that the man once named 'The Shadow hunter' left the grave site of Sebastian Rivers, heading towards his sleeping place. He had to get as much rest as possible for tomorrow the real training began and it was going to be really tough for everyone.

On each pillar there was different pictures carved into the stone that resembled moments in Sebastian's life. One was showing him and a group of other people discovering a boy in the same age as Sebastian in their cottage. Another was showing a picture of him being spared by a girl who looked like Daniela. At the two last pillars standing closest to the grave there was two pictures. One looked like a weeding where the man was Sebastian and the girl was Daniela. Behind Daniela stood Crystal and behind Sebastian stood Evin, all looking happy. This might not be like it had looked like but Theron hoped that it had been like that. The last picture showed Sebastian standing next to Daniela with a big smile, holding his arm around her waist. Beneath him stood a small girl that looked almost like Crystal who was around 12 years old and she wore a nice dress for a change. She was holding her beloved dads hand and she too smiled.

This was Sebastian Rivers memorial and grave and it was not going anywhere in a very, very long time.


The seventeen years old active named Gloria stared at the table a couple of meters away in the dinning hall. There sat Allison, the girl who had spoken to her before, Crystal, Allison's former instructor and friend from the looks of it and Evin, the most irritating man in the entire camp yet a very skilled assassins from what she had heard. There was also Vilen, the strong and handsome guy Gloria had fallen in love with a long time ago. He was so good looking and had such a funny humour that Gloria loved. Suddenly she caught herself staring at him for too long and one of her closest friends, Tanni, waved her hand in front of the paralyzed girl sitting next to her.

"Soon you'll have to ask him out or something because staring at him won't make him more interested." Tanni went on saying, before biting into a large pie piece. Tanni was one of those girls that never got fat even if she ate like tons and tons of food at the same time. She just couldn't get fat and Gloria found this amazing while she had to struggle sometimes to stay on the good side in these matters.

"I know, I know, But I... I don't know." Gloria replied, letting out a loud sigh. "I mean he's probably already together with someone or not even interested in me."

Tanni gave her a serious look after finishing her pie. "Well If you're going to go around with that attitude you'll definitely never get him on the hook." To which Gloria only nodded, a bit sad that it was true but she was so darn shy and every time she was about to say something to him she either messed up by saying something stupid or just couldn't get a word out of her mouth.
On top of all this she had a training session with the person she had once given information about the clan to; The shadows hunter. Theron was his name but never the less, that name would never leave her mind. He had left a note on her bed, explaining everything and told her about the training session at dawn tomorrow. She would of course not miss it for anything in the world, well maybe to make out with Vilen... Yeah, like that would ever happen.

And so she let her head fall to the table and stared into the brown thing before her that was the dinning table. She was so screwed.