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Vilen nodded slowly to himself, watching Ali walk away as he pushed away from the table into a standing position. He didn't doubt the wisdom in Allison's advice. By normal accounts, it wasn't late, but for someone who had to be awake and train at dawn, it might as well have been midnight.

Allowing his mind to be absorbed in thought, he started to stroll slowly towards the exit of the mess hall. He couldn't help but wonder about Theron, about Bastian, about Crys and Dani and Ali ... everyone. It all had to fit together somehow, and now he was involved, too. A smile slowly tugged at the corners of his mouth. He couldn't help it, it was what he had been waiting for.

"Should be exciting ..." he murmured to himself. He received a few looks for talking to no one in particular, but he didn't let it bother him. In fact, he even smiled at them, waving at a few, greeting the ones he knew by name.

"Hello, Gloria," he purred as he walked by her, but didn't stop. He left the hall and walked towards his own cabin. He drew his sword as he walked in, inspecting the blade. It hadn't seen that much use during the day, but there was still a bit of grime on it. It didn't necessarily need to be cleaned, but the ritual of shining his sword was something that soothed him. He let the task absorb him as his hands ran up and down the smooth steel, and when the blade and his mind were finally clear, he lay it beside his cot as he lay himself down. Based on Allison's and Crys's warnings, he was pretty sure that he wasn't supposed to be looking forward to tomorrow.

But he couldn't help it.