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Vilen awoke about a half hour before dawn. As he threw his feet over the side of his cot, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before stretching his limbs back into usefulness. He sprang to his feet and then fell to the floor, catching himself in a push up position, completing a few before standing back up. Everything was accounted for, nothing had fallen off during the night. He was ready to roll.

He pulled on pair of black pants, a white shirt, and his tall black boots. Turning to the corner, he contemplated bringing both his sword and his bow. In the end he decided just to bring his sword. As he walked out the door, he entertained the notion of getting another sword. Perhaps just like the one he had. He let these inconsequential thoughts fill his head as he ambled towards the training grounds.

When he got there, Ali, Jake, and Crys had already arrived.

"Goooood morning, everyone," he drawled as a yawn escaped his mouth. He then looked through the trees to the horizon to make sure that it was not yet dawn. He wasn't late. Then he smiled at everyone. "You're all up early." The slight chill that usually accompanied early morning bit softly through his shirt, and Vilen shivered a little as he yawned again. He hoped that it would wake him up properly before Theron arrived. "So ... you all did this yesterday. Anything I should know before our revered instructor graces us with his presence?"