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Gloria had not been sleeping all too well that night and she got up just a few hours after going to sleep in her cold bed. She couldn't get her mind of all these things. The training session with Theron at dawn and what might come from it, her unquestionable love for Vilen and how Theron had convinced Dani to spare her life... So many questions and yet no time to discover any of them. So Gloria had made her way to the training grounds four hours earlier and started to train with her sword arts and hand-to-hand combat just for good measures and a way of killing time until the training started. After training intensively for about three good hours she made her way over to the familiar benches where people usual sat while their instructors teached them with words and not actions.

Another hour came and pass yet a more boring one though. Well at least until Allison, Crystal, Vilen and another guy she didn't recognize came too. They didn't seem to take much notice in her, which she found to be perfectly okay. But she couldn't help but throw looks of temptation at Vilen now and then while longing for his strong arms around her. It just came naturally and once he discovered it she quickly became embarrassed about it and buried her red blossom face deep in her hands.

"I screwed up. I totally screwed up!" She thought for herself.


If it had not been for a couple of hours of sleep Theron would have been really drained of energy that morning. Pulling up pillars of stone from the earth didn't usually take much energy from him but to also crave in pictures at the same time, now that was something different. Still, he was very proud of the memorial he had given his best friend and that little speech as well. It was not much but it was enough for the time being. There was still much to do before he could join his friend in the after life and there was many people that would come and go that would be teached by him and teach him in many different things. He had a long journey ahead of him, but the feeling of sorrow will always remain in his heart to remind him of Sebastian and everything that man loved the most.

Moving swiftly Theron finally came out from the woods from his students left side and made his way up to them. The sight of Gloria sitting there, of Vilen looking at him with great curiosity, Allison fixing her beloved bow, Jake looking at Crystal while she was focusing on her new instructor and Evin meditating by the looks of it made him smile. This was going to be a great day, hopefully. Theron positioned himself in front of his group of students and so the session had begun.

"Good morning everyone." He said and was greeted by a couple of 'Good morning, sir' and 'Good morning, instructor' which made him feel even more at ease about this than he had felt this very morning. Looking over at Evin, Theron smiled once more and continued.

"As you can see, Evin as already started the session and so I'd like you to follow his example. Meditate for five minutes. Think about what you might face through this training sessions, what you might learn both from yourselves and from the ones around you here today, what you will use this knowledge for and what the future might hold for you." He said and sat down on the closest stone he could find for he thought the benches were a little too uncomfortable for his taste. Besides, he could shape the rock to fit his butt perfectly.

"In complete silence." He finished and watched as his students one by one began to meditate.