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Vilen's nose crinkled as his mouth formed a sneer at the command to meditate. It had never been anything he placed too much stock in. Too much concentration on thought led to thinking too much. Vilen was usually one to let his instincts take over. However, he didn't do anything but roll his eyes as he sat down on the ground and made an attempt to clear his mind of everything but the task at hand.

Unfortunately, Vilen's mind was content to remain nice and full. He had been eager for the training. His mindset hadn't been a calm one as he walked over. What can I learn here? He inquired of his subconscious. Hopefully how to kill the bastard who's doing this? After all, wasn't that what they were there for? What am I going to do with this so-called knowledge? he asked himself.

Well, that's easy. Kill the bastard who's doing this. This is stupid.

Vilen shook his head as he opened his eyes and looked around at his comrades. Everyone looked fine except for Gloria, who seemed a little trouble. This wasn't working for him, either. He then looked at Theron, who was standing in front of them so sure of himself and confident that he was doing the best thing for them. Vilen exhaled loudly. Despite his past and his probably insanity, Vilen had a hard time doubting his ability as an instructor and closed his eyes once more. If he couldn't do this exactly to his instructor's demands, he could at least take something seriously for once and make an honest attempt.