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Evin meditated for a while while he waited for Theron to arrive. He didn't really think of anything while he waited, he just wondered through a blank void in his mind where nothing could be seen or deciphered. It was probably where all the truth lied. It wasn't that he lied, as a matter of fact, whe he thought of it a bit, it was probably what Theron had mentioned as 'the moment of truth'. No one could fully understand it, not even him, but when it would come out, it would come out with full force and become an unrelentless flow of emotions held back through one's entire life. It probably wouldn't be fun, but it would be enlightening. He was sure of that.
Theron came, but it didn't surprise him at all. His mind was so clear that he could hear him and feel his footsteps in the distance. He broke out of his deep meditation in order to listen to him when he started to speak, but he didn't completely break. He listen to him say to follow his example and meditate. Evin chuckled a little bit because he could tell that Theron was just trying to get him involved before he could find a way to rebel. Afterwords, he began to get back into his deep meditation. He didn't do what Theron had told him though. Anticipation was a flaw in the human mind because when what they anticipated does not happen, people just became clouded with the question of why. Why didn't it work the way I thought? They forget about the task at hand. Instead, he went back to the blank void. It was the best way to lose his thoughts for a while and it would be best if he worked on a blank slate. He didn't get rid of all of his thoughts, because then he could just allow himself to be brainwashed and that wasn't about to happen. When he was done, he broke out of it. He didn't think he needed Theron's permission to stop though.
"So when is the actual lesson going to start?" He asked a little frustrated. It wasn't the fact that he thought meditation was a waste of time, it was just that he didn't like what he was trying to do with the meditation. People who aren't prepared to meditate could not do it in the time that Theron was giving them and with people with so many distractions, was not enough.