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Ali had gone into a different state of mind in only a few minutes, two maybe. It wasn't the silence, but the sounds that she could pick up that actually calmed her. She could hear people's heart beats, their breathing... She could pretty much tell what their state of mind was at that point. If she tried to she could hear the little stream that ran not far from where they were. It was a very nice sound.

Bastian had always told her that life is not a game of chess. The pieces on the board won't stay in place while you think ahead of your moves. Life moves by itself, either you will it or not. That was one thought Ali had found inside her mind at that moment that didn't sound completely useless. She held on to it for a second.

Moments later Evin's voice intruded on her thoughts, and not only startled her, but literally hurt her ears. She opened her eyes and covered her ears. Everything was black, of course. She muttered. "Too loud!"

It probably wasn't loud at all, but it was to her. After covering her ears for a couple of minutes she managed to get her sight back, and her hearing to normal. She sighed, and decided to simply pretend nothing had happened. Luckily others would do the same.