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It was a little amusing that he was being asked to leave. Evin didn't expect it. He wasn't all that sure what to expect when he said it, but after he did it, he understood one thing. He understood that this was only the least he would do. If he knew from past experience, people liked to try to go easy on other people before they got rough. If such a little thing could set him off, then he could just imagine the possibilities of how much fun he could have with him. It wasn't what he intended, but Evin didn't like losing and if he lost to Theron he would never live it down. Some people might have called him egotistical because of it, but Evin saw it as more of a drive, inspiring him to do what he does.
At that moment, a guard had walked in asking for Crystal who then asked to be excused from the training. Evin smirked, it would be perfect timing for him to speak up. He was already swamped with a bunch of other things which would cause a slight feeling of vulnerability.
"I know you know that you need me. If you want people to fully learn their lessons properly I know that you need me and more importantly," he smiled, "you needs me. If you want to learn anything yourself, you need me. Right now, you think the only way to solve you're problem is to get rid of it. It's like what you spent most of your years doing with the Wolfpack. Even though you have changed you're course in life, you haven't changed the personality flaw that you and I both understand well."
"If you want me to leave though, I'll leave, but like Vilen had implied, it isn't over. It is obvious that this lesson isn't going too well anyways. I'll create my own little lesson by reading up on some information that I've acquired on the killer. At the moment, that seems like a more productive thing to do anyways."
Evin simply walked away from the training grounds. He did anticipate a possible attack as he left though so he discreetly withdrew his dagger. He wasn't about to let Theron take advantage of him.