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Crys was starting to lose patience. Seriously starting to lose patience. Still the first person to speak was Jake, after the second time Ali started to laugh. Knowing Ali she would have said all those things herself, if Crys wasn't standing right there.

Jake turned to Crys, and spoke in a soft tone, yet audible to the others. "Your mother assigned this idiot for this?" Crys assumed he meant Evin. In spite of Vilen's choice of words, he was making a valid point.
Crys nodded in agreement. "Yes."
Jake sighed. "This guy is a waste of space. Maybe in a matter of time, which we simply don't have, he will grow as a human being, but... Now? I mean... If he isn't willing to sit, shut up, and listen, how...?"
"That's enough Jake. None of us has shut up and listened quite yet. Pointing fingers won't help anyone right now."

She frowned turning towards the center of the camp. Without turning back to face anyone she started walking. "I'm sorry, I really do have to go handle this."
Crys really didn't want Lena wandering around camp on her own, and it wasn't like she could disrupt training any more than it had already been disrupted. She wasn't so skeptical about Theron's skill as an instructor as the others, reason why she wouldn't intervene. Still, if it became necessary soon she would make them shut up. This wasn't a game to her, and Jake and Vilen both had a point, but they were all wasting time.


Helena Turner was born and raised in this camp. However, growing up she discovered that her talents were much more inclined to taking care of other clan member's wounds, than actually causing them. Even so, she stayed in camp until she was fifteen years old. She had started training Dani's little sister only a few months before she died, and was released from her oath months later, on her own request. After that she left camp and moved to the a village near the ruins of Blackhurst.
Dani had visited her friend, and many healers have come to camp from Lena's clan. However she hasn't been there herself in over 20 years. To be more specific... She was last seen in camp when Crys was born, and never again after that.

It is no wonder that heads have turned and whispering erupted when she arrived that morning. Most of the youngest clan members have only heard of her as "that healer lady", the few that had been face to face with her were ones who had been near death. Word around camp is that, if Lena can't save your life no one else can, she wasn't one to give up until she had tried everything she could think of. In some cases that could be quite painful. Still, she was considered a miracle worker, to which she would always deny. Still, she was extremely respected.

Crys located Lena waiting by Dani's house. She hadn't come close to the door yet, she was simply standing there staring at it.
When Crys stopped next to her she smiled, still facing the door. "So... Theron? That's interesting. Do those people know of your father's history with the Wolf Hunters?"
Crys sighed. "No. I might just tell them soon. It's no use keeping it hidden anymore."
Lena smiled. "He was a different person when he arrived here, your father. He had a lot of rage in him. A troubled soul." She laughed. "Who would've known, huh?"
Crys simply nodded. She knew Lena well enough to know she would just go in and out subjects randomly. Suddenly the woman faced her. "How is Allison doing? Annie mentioned seeing her a while ago."
"Ali is..." Crys smiled. "The same, I guess."
Lena laughed. "Since when do you guess? Anyway... Tell me, how is she?"
Crys sighed, facing the door. "She isn't. She is in so much pain right now, she just can't process anything else."

"Tell me child... Do you want her back now, or do you want her to actually get better? There is only so much I can do in a small period of time, you know that."
Crys didn't give it much thought. "I can hold my own for has long as it takes. I want her to get passed this. I don't care how long it takes, or what it costs me."

Lena sighed. "Have your mother told you about her sister, Sarah? Dani was broken when she died. I thought she wouldn't live through it. No matter what it takes, she will get out of this bad place eventually. What you need to do, is take care of yourself, so she won't get out of this and discover something has happen to you as well. That will crush her, and she will never forgive herself. Am I being clear enough?"
Crys nodded again. Lena could see right through people in a frightening way, and even if most times she was a pleasant person... Her presence was somewhat bone chilling at times. Maybe that was just Crys' impression of her, maybe not.

Lena opened Dani's door unannounced and entered. Crys hesitated at the thought of going back to training. She didn't want to. She would rather take whatever punishment, if Theron believed it to be necessary. Going back to that tension, right now, just seemed like a terrible idea.
So Crys did something she hadn't done quite yet... She visited her father's grave, and simply sat down next to it.