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Ali walked away from the training area immediately, not liking the sound of that not one bit. Once they were further away from the clearing she felt the ground move slightly beneath her feet, and she stopped. Jake walked past her and then stopped also. "What is it Ali?"

She forced a smile and nodded. "Nothing. I hope." She made a turn from the path she was taking towards her home and went to the lake. Jake followed her, she could hear him. She sat at her usual spot, and looked up at him. "What is it Jake?"

He smiled at her, scratching the back of his head nervously. "Nothing, just... Interesting session, wasn't it it?"
She frowned at him for a second, then laughed. "Crys is at the memorial. Go talk to her and don't bother me."
Jake responded with a nervous laugh. "What do you mean? I..."
Ali sighed. "Stupid. If I know how you feel, what makes you think she doesn't?"
He sighed. "This isn't the time to be thinking about this."
Ali shrugged. "Maybe. What I can tell you is that I've known Crys for years, and I think I know her pretty well. She will ignore this forever if you don't speak up."
Jake nodded. "How can I? I mean... It's Crys."

Ali stretched and laughed. "That's your problem right there. You want her to see you differently, but you still look at her the same."
Jake looked at her with an amused look in his eyes. She laughed. "What? I'm sixteen, but I'm not dumb. Now, seriously... Leave me alone."

Jake chuckled, and walked away back to camp. Ali sighed, and turned to face the water. She knew what was going on in that training field, and she really didn't like it.