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Medieval fantasy

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Vilen smiled as he started to retreat from the training grounds. That was more like it. Sure, he wasn't the one to do the fighting, and the dismissal meant that he had basically wasted his time. But at least tomorrow wouldn't be as bad of a waste. Tomorrow he would get back to training. Tomorrow things would be on their way to being right again. Hopefully.

He walked behind Ali and Jake as the two of them talked about Crys. He felt pretty bad for Jake. He imagined that Crys might not be the easiest person in the world to have feelings for. She was intimidating enough when you weren't in love with her. When Ali dismissed Jake, he could clearly discern that the girl wanted to be left on her own, but he couldn't help saying something to her as she looked out over the water.

"I don't think you should worry too much about them, Ali," Vilen said to her back, unsure if this was what was troubling her, but going out on a limb. After all, it was what he was thinking about himself, so why not her? "They might beat the hell out of each other, but I doubt that anyone will die. I mean, they're both pack members now, aren't they? And I doubt Theron wants to make that kind of first impression. This needed to happen. Once they work it out, we'll all be able to work as well." He laughed. "Us boys ... well, we're only superior physically. We're just brutes. We can't talk things out like women can. Not if we want to be effective."