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Ali sighed to hear Vilen's words, and turned to look at him. "I'm not worried about them. I just can't help the feeling that someone else will get killed soon, while we run around in circles. It's simply frustrating."

She smiled though at the comment. "Superior physically how? You're heavier, slower, and have much less resistance to pain." She smiled as to reinforce the fact that she was joking... Partially. Ali had just called Jake stupid a couple of times for one simple reason... She hated to see people complicate simple things. Looking at Vilen, she couldn't help but to think of Gloria, simply because she was doing the same thing. She nodded, it's none of her business. Jake is her friend, so is Crys, but this would be crossing a line. She sighed. "I do want to be alone now, if you don't mind."

She turned back towards the lake, listening to Vilen's steps as he walked away from the lake. Hadn't she been paying so much attention to the man leaving she would have heard something coming at her a second sooner, and maybe dodged. However when she realized anything it was too late.

Even though Ali hadn't heard him in time, Ali heard something coming at her fast. Her first impulse being to draw one of her hidden knives instead of blocking the hit. Pain wouldn't affect her as much as the outcome of this. She took the hit and slashed her attacker blindly at the same time. Not really knowing if she had hit. Still, in that split second she knew who this person was, and a feeling of uncontrollable rage took over her senses.
In the back of her mind she could think of only one thing Crys had told her during training: Sometimes, sacrifices must be made.

Ali took a breath, her eyes lit up and suddenly, she could feel nothing. She wouldn't block one single hit. She would take everything if that meant she could hurt the bastard in the process. This guy chose to attack the one person in that camp that had no regard for her own safety. Surely he would pay the price for that.