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located in Assassin's Camp, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Assassin's Camp

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One step, unbalanced. Another step, still unbalanced. Last step and the balance returns to the dark figure. The heavy rain pours down upon him and his surrounding. He can barely see anything through it but his eyes is still fixed on one spot in front of him. A man trapped in stones up to his neck, unable to move. Blood is slowly running down the figures shoulder even though he is grasping it with his hand, trying to maintain the blood flow. It's not much, but it's not like he needs that hand for other things at this point. His sight is finally back and through the hard rain he can make out Evin trapped in his stone trap. Moving up to him, the figure known as Theron begins to speak.

"I have to admit that you are skilled Evin, far skilled than I initially thought, but you still have much to learn." Theron said and saw Evin moving his mouth. Before he knew it there was two small darts flying towards him, but they were easily evaded. "That's good. You don't give up easily and for that you have my respects."

Theron pulled down the rocks surrounding Evin and felt how is powers were beginning to fade. As long as he didn't do anything too quickly or too hard he would surely make it to his cottage where he could get some rest. Looking at Evin, he finished the duel once and for all.

"You knew the bets, try to at least listen to what I have to say in the next session and follow my teachings with interest. I can admit that forcing you to show me respect was the wrong way to do it and for that I am sorry. Now go tend those wounds and get some rest. I'll gather you all later to continue what we stated this morning." He said and with that he left Evin by the training grounds. He could talk more to him later but for now he barely had enough strength to get back to his beloved bed.