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Even though he was only in the rock wall prison for a few minutes, it was enough time to put Evin through complete agony. If having to use his powers wasn’t enough, the rock itself was forcing his rib cage right into his organs. It was one of the most painful things he had experienced, but he still didn’t show it. Even controlling the darts with his mouth gave him pain. Because of this pain, he listened to Theron very intently. He had a new respect for Theron and could finally understand where he was coming from.
Before Theron left Evin said, “Thank you.” That was all he could say. He could say nothing more than that because that is all that had to be said.
He realised that he was pretty badly injured once Theron had finally gone. He had to go to get this fixed up. As the rain still fell, he walked over towards the healers house. It was a nice little place that always seemed clean. As a healer, they better have a clean place though. He didn’t want to be afraid of going there because he might get infected.
When he entered, a lady he didn’t recognise all to well had greeted him. He didn’t know her name, but he had seen her once or twice around the town. She was in her late fifties and kind of short. She quickly looked at the wound and gave him a pouch full of cream.
“Rub a dab of this over the wound every three hours. If you are lucky, the would will heal completely within a week or two. There will probably be a scar.”
Evin smiled. It was so nice of her and he didn’t have to sit and wait forever like he usually had to. Usually the healers examine the wound then discuss the best treatment. They then do a check on the person to see if they have any other problems. Then they finally helped the person. It was rather pointless.
Evin took off to his house to rest for a while. He put the cream on his would then went to sleep.


When The Shadow kicked the girl in the chest, he herd at least a rib crack, but a split second later, he could feel a pain in his leg. It was a very deep cut that probably hit some important veins. I'll have to fix that soon or I'll be dead even if I manage to kill her. Then she yelled traitor to him. She knew exactly what it meant. He still had the ring of the assassin's on. It was an important part of his past that he just couldn't let go of. That is when she rushed at him, with even more intensity than before.
When she approached him with the daggers, he dropped his sword and managed to grab both of her arms by the wrist. He managed to stop one of the daggers from making contact with his previous cut in the abdomen. He wasn't so lucky with the other dagger though. That dagger had slightly pierced his left eye and was slowly getting deeper as the anger the girl was feeling got even more intense. Why wasn't she feeling any pain? All he could feel was the pain he felt and nothing of her. He could feel some slight discomfort as well, like someone near by was being constricted by something. It was odd, but definitely not the most extreme pain he was feeling at the moment. If he didn't stop her soon, the injury in his eye would become irreversible. He did the only thing he thought he could. He spit right in her face giving him a split second to get out of there. He grabbed his sword and stabbed her clear through the girl's abdomen. He was about to take out his dagger to finish it when he herd someone coming. Evin dived into the lake and swam quickly through the water. He wouldn't resurface any time soon either. He knew of a little underwater cave that had an air pocket down there. He would treat his wounds down there and then resurface in a couple of days. It would be a lot safer then.