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Evin was a little aanoyed when he herd people talking outside of his house. They were just so loud and he couldn't get any more sleep. He didn't care what they were talking about, he just wanted them to shut up and let him sleep. It wouldn't happen though, not unless he walked out there and gave them a piece of his mind. And that is what he did. He walked out to his front door where a group of people stood there talking about something.
"Did she die?" One of them said while another one said in a separate conversation, "You know I herd Ali didn't have a chance."
Wheels in Evin's head started turning. Why were people asking questions about Ali dying? It just didn't make sense since he had only just saw her a few hours earlier. He needed to find Crystal to see if it was true. If anyone knew the truth it would be her.
"Does anyone know where Crystal is?" He asked with concern all over his voice.
"I don't know. Why don't you go look for her." The man said it to Evin in a tone that just sounded to be bred by evil. Evin understood why this man had never accomplished becoming an assassin.
"Thanks, next time pay someone more respect." He said as he began to walk away from the crowd. The man laughing at the comment that Evin had made to him. The blood under Evin's skin boiled over when he heard this and threw his rope dart towards the man, hitting the door behind him. The small cut on the man's cheek was now visible. Evin tugged the rope back to retract in back into his hand. A he heard the man yell when the dart had made another cut, but this time on the man's hand that had been covering the man's cheek.
Evin then thought about who else might not know about this. Theron who was probably also sleeping was on his mind. He just hoped that he didn't mind being woken up. He went over to where Theron had been sleeping and knocked on the door. He hoped that he would answer.