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located in Assassin's Camp, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Assassin's Camp

Home of the Wolfpack


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In front of his eyes a large forest rose up and between it's treetops the sunlight broke through, shining down upon the path that was leading into the darkness ahead of him. It was both a bewildering yet frightening sight and for some unknown reason the man named Theron felt a wave of sorrow hit his mind with such a great force that he began to cry quietly. He was now walking towards the dark forest with the sunlight fixed on his every move. But after a little moment of walking he could see that there was no sun, there was a white gauntlet with black coloured markings on it that threw the light on him from the sky above. More than that he could not remember for after seeing that very object he awoke from his sleep to find someone knocking on the door.
Darkness consumed him, but at least the windows threw small beams of light into the room which helped him to gain his sight back. He quickly got up on his feet, put on his cloths and his equipments before opening the door. Before him stood Evin with a concerned face.

"Good morning Evin." Theron began and moved out from the cottage, still looking at his student. "What thoughts troubles your mind?" He asked with a friendly, yet tired tone.