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located in District Gamma, a part of Revelation: The City in the Sky, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Gamma

District Gamma


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That's not right.

A scribble on the parchment resulted in passionate writing. A knuckly, large hand found its way through unwashed hair, dirty fingernails digging into an oily scalp.

It's wrong! You're doing it wrong!

This piece was crumpled up and tossed into a wood burner, the smoke slowly billowing out through a metal shaft and up into the mid-morning sky. His wrist flicked about on the parchment, his fingers diligently moving his wild handwriting all over a fresh page, hoping that maybe this one, this time would be it.

"Damn it!" Mars, crystal clear eyes wild with fire, bellowed and he threw his instruments to the ground. All night he'd been up. All the day before he'd pondered, examined, experimented, calculated... Nothing was coming out right! For hours now he'd worked on the same equation, all to no avail. Moving his stool back away from his littered desk, he turned it around, bare chest facing the pulsing, soft glow of violet. The light turned his gray eyes a pale purple, making him seem mystical. His arms dangled lifelessly at his sides and he stood up on bare feet, moving to cover the glass case around the glowing wand.

For years Mars had watched that wand. For years he'd continued his research on why... Now it was only nightmares and the scientific block that he could not overcome. His previous inventions and jobs were no longer coming to him. He was preoccupied with transfiguring and transmutation. No one thought it was possible, so they didn't bother with him any longer.

Walking slowly, methodically, up the winding staircase to his living quarters, Mars's mind was still reeling with the dividends, the sigmas, the chemistry and the possibilities. The violet glow was gone, snuffed out by the black-out cover he'd sewn to chase his thoughts away. But it never really helped. In the end, Mars was eternally haunted by the "what-ifs". The cogs in his brain were rusting and growing stiff with no oil to loosen them up. Opening his basement door, the hermit scientist was greeted harshly by sunlight he hadn't seen for over 30 hours. His basement was dank and dark with only a sufficient ventilation system to keep from choking himself to death. Covering his eyes with his arm, he made his way toward the bathroom in order to wash up.

Today was the day he'd go out for food and water. Entering the room, he stopped in front of a mirror hanging haphazardly on the ceramic walls. Before him stood a tired, wiry man pushing thirty. He barely ate anymore. Nutrition wasn't the first thought on his mind until he became so weak he could barely stand up. Mars felt like he was at the point now. But the grayness of his skin, nor the sunken look of his ribs, really caught his eye. No, in fact it was the large, faded yellow beak on his face. It opened and closed as he turned from side to side. The rhamphotheca was mixing nicely with his skin; fading from the soft, malleable tissue into the hard outer shell that encased the jaw bone. It had taken many years and many long nights to create the wand that had done this to him. The metal piece, which lay neatly beside his bed, was a part of him now.

Looking in the mirror, however, Mars was astounded at himself. He'd only wanted the disfigurement for disguising purposes. Lately he'd been wearing it more often. His work was not only engulfing his life but physically engulfing his body.

...How sad... Marissa's voice whispered in his brain. Shaking her away violently, Mars went to the bedroom and restored his normal face, wraith-like and sculpted. His eyes were narrowed at the sound of her voice and his heart was racing. Wouldn't she ever leave him be? Growling, Mars made a mental note to try and remember that the beak was not a permanent fixture.

After a quick bath, the beak was transfigured back onto his face and he pulled on a dark coat with a rather large hood to wear over his eyes. His boots had long since lost their laces and he just slipped them over his bare feet. Checking his pants pockets for money, Mars slowly walked out into the bustling world of Gamma. It was a few blocks to the grocery and market, so he would have to walk quickly to avoid prying eyes.