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Ali had arrived at the training area and taken a seat, on the floor. It hurt a little to do that, but it didn't matter. She knew that she could have stayed home or in the healer's cabin if she wanted to. She was sure no one would have demand her presence after what happened, but... Ali hated to be trapped inside four walls for too long. Plus, if that fight had taught her anything, is that she definitely needed to be stronger than this. After having met the killer face to face... She was determined to do anything, no matter how painful, or uncomfortable, to make herself stronger.

Not long after her came Crys an Jake. Jake snickered when seeing her there, it seemed they had talked about her. She didn't mind that at all. After them came Evin and not long after him came Theron. Ali greeted them both with a simple nod, and no words. She was really glad to see everyone, though she found it strange they seemed relieved to see her. She wondered what people had been saying around camp. She dismissed it though, when Theron told then to meditate for five minutes and said there was much for them to do. She immediately closed her eyes, and began to take deep breaths, although that was slightly painful. She was starting to get used to the pain by now, it barely bothered her.

She made an effort to empty her mind of all the things that had been spinning around there for the past hours, and focused on the sounds around her, and the smell of wet dirt, that was already faint since the rain had stop hours ago. She did love that smell though. She would have thoroughly enjoyed the heavy rain, had she not been knocked out. Oh, well... There would be other storms eventually.