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located in The Town of Heavensent, a part of Lucy, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Town of Heavensent



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“Crap, I told him I'd be there... right now!” Finnian cursed, staring at his watch as if it was at fault. He just wasn't very good at keeping time or actually arriving on time—unlike his sister, sometimes he envied her ability to do the right thing, and her perpetual reliability. She always talked about karma but he had a hard time believing it. Why the hell, then, was his brother sick? He'd done nothing to deserve it, and he was your average nice guy. Karma was a joke. Slapping the medical book closed, he threw it onto his desk before slipping into one of his long-sleeved shirts. Fortunately for him, the hospital wasn't particularly far from his house and he could bike there in time. There wasn't any place he couldn't bike to, he preferred his reliable bicycle over his shoddy, old car any day. Chewing on his bottom lip, Finnian raced down the stairs and called to his sister. “Hail, get your butt in gear and head to the hospital!” If he was yelling into emptiness, he wouldn't know until he arrived—perhaps she was already on her way there. It wouldn't have surprised him if he hopped off his bike to see her waiting, albeit impatiently with her arms crossed over her chest. Oh man, she has the best glares.

Slamming through the front door, Finnian quickly grabbed his navy-coloured bike and swung himself onto it. For a few moments, he paused and stared at the looming house next doors. It belonged to another family with a girl his age: Jaclynn, otherwise known as Jack, who he secretly pinned after. Who wouldn't? Strawberry-blonde hair framing her pretty face, with her slender body and way with words. It nearly made him sick at how he was so afraid to approach her like that. They'd been pretty good friends for awhile now—they'd all been good friend, before Vivianne got sick. That was when he saw less and less of her, and more of the hospital. From what he remembered, their relationship reminded him of something he had with his guy friends—a manly, boyish relationship which meant she didn't like him like that. His heart absently sunk before he kicked himself into action, speeding down the driveway and into the streets.

Soon enough, Finnian panted into the hospitals' parking lot and locked up his bike. Clutching the fabric of his shirt above his heart, he felt the fumbling thumps of his heart against his fingers and took deep, calming breaths. “Whew, seriously.” He murmured under his breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his sleeve. Hopefully, Viv wouldn't blame him for being late. He didn't usually care unless he was incredibly late, by hours. Studies had him bogged down. Not for school, but studying medical things. Sometimes, he felt so completely useless that he poured himself into research, even if the doctors had said his ailment was incurable. Pathetic, he called them. He was the only one who never took what the doctors said with an open mind, he'd never sat down and just nodded. He screamed, and yelled and fought. There's nothing we can do, but make him feel comfortable. The words haunted him and he remembered what he said: You're doctors! Shut the hell up, shut the hell up! We trusted you! You told me you'd do everything for him. Liars! Finnian never dealt with anything very well. All of them had been close—his sister and brother, they meant everything to him.

Sighing, Finnian finally caught his breath and entered the hospital. Vivianne was due to come home, even if it was for a little while. Truthfully, he'd come over to pick him up and peddle him back home. Nearly hopping up the stairs, he pushed through to the third floor and looked around. Room 112, he remembered. It was his permanent room, for whenever he came in for another surgery, another treatment, another injection. The list was endless. He quietly stepped up to the door, turning the knob and slowly pushed it open. He'd surprise him, that was for sure. The sight he saw caused his jaw to nearly drop, he slammed the door open, not even wincing when it crashed into the wall. He slipped in quickly before it had the chance to swing back into him. Familiar anger bubbled beneath his skin, trembling behind his ears and causing him to clench his bruised fists. “Who the hell are you?!” There was a cat-eared boy on top of his brother.

((Hope you guys' don't mind if he's at the hospital today! >__<;; I half posted it and then I was like... CRAP WHAT IF HE'S IN HIS ROOM? -facepalm- ))