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located in The Town of Heavensent, a part of Lucy, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Town of Heavensent



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Visions flashing, shifting, changing, switching. Floating somewhere above his eyes where he couldn't touch it or hold it; grasp it to feel it's reality. Lights and sounds left unknown to be true or false to his simplified mind. Objects and people looking so real and tangible yet just beyond the grasp of his immobile hands. He'd become sessile like a sea sponge forever stuck to a surface that wouldn't let go. It hurt him to be so still, so concrete when things hovered and spun in a delicate dance just above him where he could watch. Always watch but never touch. Never touch. Like this every single time he shut his eyes; every time. Teasing, taunting, dancing, fluttering butterflies hovering so beautifully - so delicately in a maze and wash of fantastic colours and shapes. Leaving him for instants in cold darkness before exploding above him in an array of heart stopping serenity.

He could feel one of those untouchable butterflies float down to his ear just close enough for him to feel wings beat soft, kissing air against his skin. Shuddering, shivering, tremors ricocheting along his skin down to the bone into marrow mingling with blood cells yet to be. Wind blowing and caressing; shifting hair across sensitive skin hitting nerves firing pistons touched the brain. Then a voice soft and gentle but terrible and mighty hitting his eardrum setting off recognitions in his brain firing electrical impulses throughout. Jolting memory words shifting, hitting, lining up into a row read and translated. Quickly, dazzlingly, sentences formed and set into the forefront of his head in milliseconds. No chance for comprehension but merely understanding of the words and the rhythms and the flows. Just words flashing one by one in a line across his view sitting and festering before moving and making room for new ones. Until finally it stopped and the creatures danced around each other out of sight but never out of mind; leaving behind them creeping darkness engulfing space. Heart shuddering darkness that brought on crystal beads glimmering against his skin; he knew.

Suddenly it was like weights had been lifted from his body and a muted white light filtering down touched his skin. Warmed him. Conformed to him. He could feel synapses pulsing, nerves jumping sending electrical signals down to usable hands. Touch suddenly not a thing unimaginable, inconceivable. No more butterflies but light growing ever more slowly covering his eyes leaving him blinded and scorched but fine. Fire set in his veins scaring away cold giving morphine shunning it turning it leaving him slowly grasping onto the world.

Dream. It had all been such a fantastic dream leaving him unwilling to open his eyes and see what he truly lived in when the curtain of fiction dropped. The play was over but his mind reeled away from sending impulse to his eyes to open; to see. To see what was solid beyond all the moving particles within. To see structure that had texture and feeling; hot or cold? His mind rebelled to pulling away from the dark abyss of sleep that seemed to soothe it into butterfly wings and soft touches. It wouldn't let him open his eyes and deem himself slave to a world of control and rules where physics existed. Gravity, space, mass, weight; nothing in the recesses of his mind. Things that confronted the reality of dreams and the fiction of imagination. He could be safe in his mind and revel in his mind - become what he wanted in the space of his brain's desires. He could conform and allow his own world to take control of him.

Then there were voices and the words snapped together so much faster and so much easier since he was awake with fire burning through his veins pumped by his heart. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. It seemed to say with each contraction and relaxation of itself. Don't. Don't. Don't. His mind requested licking at his wishes with a vanilla flavoured kiss. Temptation from both sides fighting and battling to control his body and force him into one state or the other for limbo was not enough.

โ€œWho the hell are you?!โ€

Vivianne's heart gave one last final thud before he felt himself shift giving into the final stages of waking. But he wouldn't dare open his eyes for the fear and curiosity that caused his brother to speak with such an urgent air. Strangers weren't such an odd thing; he helped so many people. This was different - this was his older brother having an attack.