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Ali was feeling really peaceful by the time Theron spoke. She opened her eyes at the sound of his question. She shrugged, and then stood slowly to her feet. Her pain spiked as she did so, but she ignored it. She looked at the instructor and smiled cheerfully at him. That was unlikely of her, but... For some reason now she was in a cheerful mood. "Well..." She hesitated a little, thinking on how to explain her ability. "I can enhance my senses, one at a time."

She leaned against a tree and sighed heavily while doing so. "The downside of it... Well, there are several. Mostly when I enhance one sense I lose another. I can, also, shut off my pain but... I don't do that often. It's very unwise, and I learned that the hard way. When I do that my hearing gets really sensitive and that sometimes can make me disoriented, and eventually I'll black out because of it."
She frowned slightly and added. "Thinking about it... Yesterday was the longest I managed to do that and stay conscious."

With that said she crossed her arms and went silent. Maybe it was the anger she felt by the sight of the killer's ring that made her keep going, she was about to faint moments before... At least, that is what she remembered. She simply shook her head to dismiss the thought and waited quietly for someone else to speak.