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located in Assassin's Camp, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Assassin's Camp

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"Hmmm ..." Vilen began without bothering to stand up. "Well, I can lure people to me with my voice." He shrugged noncommittally. "It's how I got my nickname. Hook. I wouldn't say there is much of a downside to it, but it is definitely imperfect." He pretended to inspect his fingernails, embarrassed. "I don't have very good accuracy. And then once they get to me I then have to actually deal with them. It's not very good for combat, but it's good for creating diversions." He smiled absently, as if remembering something. "If there are a bunch of people in the area where I direct my ... voice to, they'll all come to me. I'm getting better with the accuracy part, it just takes a lot of concentration, which I don't usually have in the heat of battle."

Vilen shrugged once more. He usually wished that he had a more useful ability, but then again it certainly had its advantages. "But besides the ability to attract people, I can't alter their wills any further. And if they figure out what's going on, if they can keep themselves from hearing me it won't work."