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Evin stayed in his meditative state even after Theron started talking. He was in to much of a tranquil spot to stop this soon, but he still managed to understand what Theron had asked of him. Maybe it was just the tranquility, but Evin was fine with telling everyone his talent. He had used his talent in front of people one time or another anyways, but the very nature of his ability did make it a little bit harder to detect than other more obviouse abilities. Evin was intrigued when he herd Allison speak though, It made him wonder if maybe she had been attacked by the killer. He hadn't thought of the possibility until she told them this.
The power itself was very interesting. The ability to heighten any one of you're senses at the cost of another sense. He could only imagine how much damage he could do as an assassin with that ability as she continued to explain how she could even stop pain. The possibilities of this power were almost endless, even if the costs of using the power limited her in some way.
It was Vilen's turn next. He began to explain the ability he had with his voice. It was very interesting, but like Vilen had said, not very good for combat. his however could create the perfect distraction for someone in a partner mission. It could be used to endless avail of getting into heavily guarded areas undetected. Accuracy could be a problem in a large group of people though, but he assumed that the ability would rarely be used in a situation where there would be a large group.
After Vilen, nobody spoke. Evin waited for either Jake or Crystal to spit it out, but that didn't happen. Evin decided that the silence had gone on long enough and decided to brake that silence. While still in his meditative state he began talking. It was very hard to keep meditating while talking though, but he managed to stay in one train of mind as he spoke.
"My ability is to slow down my perception of time while at the same time being able to maintain a speed that, while it feels normal to me, makes anyone who may see me while doing this ability think I am moving at considerably faster speeds. This delicate balance makes sure I can increase my speed, but at the same time be able to process things and react to them slightly faster than usual. The downside to it is that when I use it, I feel pain that will eventually kill me if I take it too far. There is only one situation where I don't feel pain and that is when I'm staying considerably still while using my ability. That means I can sleep and make it feel like it has been a whole day of sleep and feel little to no pain." He finally got out of his meditative state. "I have something else I need to say. I had promissed Crystal i would do it yesterday, but things got a little insane. So I would just like to let you know, that my real biggest fear is friendship. Sounds weird, but it's true."
That seemed like enough so Evin waited to see what everyone else had to say.