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Jake found everything very interesting when hearing about it, he only knew about Ali, and Crys. When Evin finished talking he looked at Crys and she was staring right at him, he took the hint and stood up, as Ali did. He smiled lightly and sighed. "Well... I could simply show you."
With that said he disappeared, and a few seconds later reappeared. "So that's pretty much it. The downside is mostly the fact that if I get wet while invisible the illusion will fade and I'll be seen. I can also extend invisibility to anything or anyone I touch. As long as physical contact is maintained."
He sat back down, and now Crys was the only one left to speak. Jake knew she didn't like to talk about it. He looked at Ali and she seemed concerned.


Crys kept seated and facing the trees above as everyone spoke. She knew about Ali's ability and Jake's, and Theron's of course. The rest of them... Well... She suspected, but wasn't sure. She kept to herself as the others spoke. The most interesting thing to her was actually Evin's fear. Not only it explained a lot, but it was actually a very rational fear when she thought about it. Silence came once again and she sighed and stared at the spot where she knew Jake was sitting. She heard him stand up and he talked about what he could do. Suddenly she was the only one left, she sighed once again.

She stood up, and spoke not being able to help the annoyed tone in her voice as she did so. "I'm an empath. For those who don't know what that means, most people don't... I can sense people's emotions and most times experience them as if they were my own. I don't really need to explain the downside of this, now do I? Even so, it have proved to be useful sometimes. I can always tell when people are lying and I can always know where everyone is by sensing them. It's just not much fun to be around pretty much anyone most times because of it."

She finished talking and sat back down against the tree. She was calm even though she found it uncomfortable to talk about it. She figured it would have to be done eventually.