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located in The Town of Heavensent, a part of Lucy, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Town of Heavensent



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Voice made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and my tail twitched on its own accord. I looked up to see a boy standing in the doorway of the room, and a girl joined him soon after. I looked down at the boy underneath me, then back up at the other two. Relations of his? Then I hated them just as much. Luckily for them, I wasn't planning on ruining the blonde kid yet. I sat up, and back on his legs, crossing my own over and curling my tail around. This was the biggest concentration of Humans I had ever experienced... the only humans I had ever experienced. Now that I got here, now that I saw them and their world โ€” or this room and these three, anyway; they could hardly be considered a good example of the whole population โ€” I was more intrigued than I had ever been. I was surprized that they spoke my language, or that they were intelligent enough at all.

I twitched an ear back, and watched the boy's eyes flutter. He was waking up. How wonderful. It brought a bit of a smirk to my lips, and I unfolded my legs, moving to stand in front of the bed, between them and the boy. "My name's Luceryn. I suppose you could say I'm a Cat Demon, and that I'm here by order of Goddess Lorelaei." Did they know about Otherworld, and its functions? Did they know that I had spoken Lorelaei's name in an unforgivable way , by not saying, "May She live forever" afterward? Probably not. Humans were probably dense creatures, despite their ability to socialize. "I guess this kid 'belongs' to me, now, so it's time for you to give him up."

It occurred to me that if he woke up now, he'd be able to correct me. Yes, I belonged to him. It killed me to admit it to myself, so I arrogantly stuck to my story, turning away from them and making my way to the window. I stared out on the small city, where a large steel worm made its way along a winding path, and shining straight-faced creatures moved through a large black expanse of land and stopped between white lines to let Humans get out and go about their business. Beyond these was something familiar โ€” a park along the waterfront. I might have lived in a city, but I had spent a great deal of time in the parks, and everyone I knew of walked or teleported if they could. Some flew. It all depended on the type of being. But these were new to me. I had never seen anything like these before in my lifetime. I dropped my guard for a moment, staring out the window, my tail swishing gently and my ears perked forward. It was interesting to see all these things that I had never before even heard of. I pressed my nose to the window, eyes widened in curiousity. My breath fogged up the glass, and I stood straight to run my fingers through it, leaving transparent stripes on a translucent background... or was it the other way around? It reminded me of the orphanage in the winter, sitting in the window watching another kid go home with a happy family. When the window fogged up, I'd draw pictures of the former orphan and their family and then rub them out as if I were punishing them for leaving me behind. Didn't they know it was all I wanted?

I shook my head to clear the thoughts, and frowned hard. I climbed over the back of the bed and laid next to the boy โ€” my owner โ€” and smirked darkly. "Now, if you'd be so kind as to remove yourselves, I would like to have some fun with my new object. Good bye." And as if I expected them to just leave, I began to pull back the blanket to examine his body with hungry golden eyes. My tail thumped against the bed as I noticed something horribly dissatisfying. He was thin. Sickly thin.... I looked back up at the two in the doorway. "What's wrong with him? It must be a defect in the product. I want a new one." And with that, I rolled to turn my back to them once again.