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Crys was very much calm from the meditation still. The silence was in the air for a moment, and she could hear every heartbeat and every breath around her. She was also very aware that everyone was in that same relaxed state. Still... When Theron began to speak, she felt something different, and very discretely unsheathed her Sai holding them behind her back.
Then he yelled out for everyone to attack her and she felt the ground vibrate beneath her feet. "Crap." She whispered the word as she ran and slid behind a nearby tree letting Gloria's arrows hit the wood. She took a deep breath and her eyes glowed a more vivid tone as she lifted the mental barrier between her own feelings and everyone else's. It was very uncomfortable to do that, but she didn't have much of a choice. She was pretty sure that fighting one on one she could take anyone there, except maybe Theron and Evin if he used his ability, but like this she didn't stand much of a chance. The only person other than Ali, who really shouldn't, that hadn't yet moved was Jake.
She leaned against the tree holding her blades very tightly and breathing slowly in order to keep her heartbeat to a normal rate. She needed to stay calm to sense others feelings without being affected. And that was something she hadn't yet succeeded on doing when in a fight. Well, now she would have to learn it the hard way.

Or else.


Ali had to pull herself together at Theron's order. Her first instinct would be to help Crys, but then... The involuntary step she took forward reminded her that she shouldn't really do this in any way. She kept her eyes on Crys as she dodged the first two attacks. Ali hoped she would get out of it, but had her doubts. After all... They were all trained assassins, not mere recruits. Still, alone... Crys could take Ali out in a heartbeat, she knew that.

Then, she noticed Jake hadn't moved a finger. She sighed and went to stand next to him. "Follow your orders Jacob." She said that in the exact tone Crys would have used. After all, Ali knew what his problem was in doing this. She also knew Crys would be furious if Jake didn't follow Theron's orders after they were warned that they shouldn't question. Ali simply sighed, regretting having promised not to push herself for at least a few days. She really wanted in on this.

Jake looked at Ali and let out a long sigh as he drew his Katana. He was pretty sure that when Bastian gave him that sword he didn't imagine it to be used on his daughter. Then... This should serve the purpose of teaching Crys something, even if Jake couldn't understand what. Jake drew his blade and simply waited. Of course he would follow the orders, however... Crys knew him extremely well. So well he will possibly not even be considered a challenge if this was meant for her to be able foresee the opponents moves. So he decided to wait for Vilen and Evin to attack before he made his move.