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located in Assassin's Camp, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Assassin's Camp

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Evin was quite intrigued when he herd Theron tell them all to attack Crystal. A half smile ran up his face as he sat back for a few seconds to contemplate his first move. He wasn't sure how to approach it yet. There were medium and long range attacks already being fired at her and if he went in for a short ranged one he would surely get hit by something. He decided to get into the ranged fight as well. He threw his rope dart directly above him where a rather large tree was standing. It had hooked onto one of the top branches right where he wanted it to go.
He then quickly climbed the rope and made his way to the top of the tree. From there he took out his last few throwing knives on him "Man, I need to get some more of these." He threw two of the five he had on him. He threw them just a few feat away from her hoping that that was the direction she was going to take to avoid the other oncoming attacks.