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Evin followed right behind Theron when Crystal took off. He could see in the eyes of Theron that he was attempting to emotionally detach himself from the fight. It would make things a little harder for her to sense his moves. It was brilliant, but not perfect. Evin had a trick up his own sleeve that would make the situation for thee group easier to cope with. This wasn't something Evin particularly wanted to do, but sometimes he had to make sacrifices for the team in order to make the battle go by easier for the rest.
When Theron stopped Crystal with the rock wall, Evin jumped into trees and got himself over the wall. This gave him a protective barrier between him and Crystal while he put himself into the vulnerable state he was about to go into. He landed safely on the hard ground bellow him and began to get into a meditative state. Now usually, Evin would meditate in order to calm himself and think clearly, but this time he had another reason to meditate. Instead of clearing his mind, he began to overwhelm his mind with all the little things that made him mad, happy and sad. Hopefully she would pick up on all these emotions and it would override her system.
With that, Evin began to cry. All the memories of the things that had happened in his life were too much for him to take as well, he could only imagine how Crystal would feel having to manage not only Evin's emotions, but everyone else's. He hoped that it would work...