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located in Earth, a part of New Kids in the House, one of the many universes on RPG.




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((Honestly, I don't mean to god-mod. I'm just not too good at knowing what limits are on talking about other characters. And like I said, misread the other post. I just went through everything so I -think- I'm okay now. Please tell me immediately if I do that again. Forgive me? =S)

Canon smiled back at Namira, wondering how she managed to find a place so quickly. "Sure thing," he said, getting up slowly. He wasn't used to being bipedal after his transformation, and his stiff legs were quite hard to move. He let out a sharp, quick cry of pain as the wounds in his shoulder reopened as he pushed off of the ground. At least he was transformed when it happened. The extra fur, skin and muscle made the knife less harmful to him, so the most he was going to need was a stitch or two, if that. He let his arm hang limp at his side and limped off quickly toward the sound of the rest of the group by the house. "Hey, misfits! We got ourselves a temporary home!" He called out rather loudly. He glanced at Kaylee, who was just outside, and gave a little wave. Leaning on the doorway, he looked in at Ori and beckoned for her to join him. Canon smiled, shifting to look at Dani and Deirdre. "Follow me. I don't think you have all met the new girl." He waved a hand, indicating to them they should follow. Quickly he made his way over to Namira, stopping beside her to wait for the rest of the group. He looked over at Pandora, then back at the rest of his friends. He waited patiently, wanting everyone to hear what he had to say. Falling quickly out of his patient phase, he called out loud enough for anyone near the house to hear him. "This is Namira. She says she can help us out a bit, and I believe her. She's like us and can control elecricity, which is pretty sweet if you ask me. Also, she just got us a temporary home without having to break in!"