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located in Earth, a part of New Kids in the House, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Pandora placed a hand on her chest, feeling her ribs absently for any damage. They sure hurt like hell, but she was satisfied when nothing particularly hurt. White coats. The images that assaulted her were unpleasant—doctors that were meant to “help them,” totting large needles and ill-intentions to use them, kill them and bury them. She couldn't help but chuckle softly when Namira fished some cigarettes from her pocket, groaning in displeasure when she realized she only had a few left. It was strange but it almost felt normal, like they weren't all laying in someones' empty yard, injured and lost. “Yeah, it kind of is.”

Rubbing ruefully at her right arm, Pandora huffed in annoyance at how itchy she was. Only a day or less away from transformation—she thought. No one could be entirely sure when the next time would be. She just hoped it wouldn't be at an inconvenient time, she didn't want to hold anyone back or cause any of them harm. Although, she thought she had more control over her form than Canon did. Glancing over to where he now sat, leaning against the tree, she was surprised at how well he'd controlled himself. He'd always warned them about his transformations, believing himself to be some kind of angry monster, when in reality, he'd just saved their lives. It was selfless. Surprisingly, he'd managed to keep his clothes in tact, albeit a little tattered and frayed. Whenever she transformed, her clothes were annihilated, she usually had to scamper away or fold her clothes nearby if she could manage it. It was one of the reasons why she didn't like anyone being nearby when it happened. Exchanging glances with Canon, she exuded relief and a small smile touched her lips. Did Namira represent some kind of crazy, X-Men institution that would whisk them away? “Let's get going, then,” She groaned, pushing off her knobby knees and straightening up. Apparently, her body protested and she slumped back against the tree.

“Namira, huh?” She smiled wryly. “I'm Pandora. Panda, and a werewolf, like him.” She hooked her finger in Canon's direction before grinning. There weren't many female werewolves around, none that she'd heard of anyway. She didn't want to admit it, but when Namira plucked the cellphone from her pocket, she leaned in hopefully—hoping for some kind of news that involved scooping them up somewhere safe. Was there anywhere safe, honestly? She didn't know. “How're we going to get there?”

(( -shrugs- I don't mind, as long as it continues the story going. Though, I was confused with where everyone was. Since at some point they were said to be in the house, then out of the house, then around the area of the house. Bahaha, I just tried to guess where they were. ))