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located in District Gamma, a part of Revelation: The City in the Sky, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Gamma

District Gamma


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Zade collapsed into her pile of blankets; she was bone-weary and exhausted. The night had been a good deal more exciting than she would have liked. She’d been contracted to steal something, an ornamental blade, from Lord Morris’s estate. Easy enough, and she’d managed to sneak past all the security present to grab the thing and go. Unfortunately, someone had decided that the area and the time was optimal not only for theft, but also for murder. It was not until she’d been confronted by several armed guards and had to flee else be captured and executed that she had discovered this.

Of course Marquis Goldwater’s estate is right next to Lord Morris’s. Because the world is trying to tell me that there’s no hope for anything, she thought with a mixture of bitterness and wry humor. She’d spent the next few hours trying to lose the men on her way back to Gamma, hoping that she’d be able to slip down some back alley and disappear. It had worked- eventually. The meantime wound up being analogous to a race through a maze, and it was only the knowledge of the inner city that Zade had carefully acquired that had saved her from being hauled in to the prisons outside the city.

Now, she was footsore, and worried besides. She knew her disguise was pretty good; she wore all black from head to toe, and a mask covered the lower half of her face, but there was always a chance someone had caught some basic physical descriptors that were hard to hide- eyes, hair, skin tone. Hopefully her hooded cloak had obscured her gender enough that everyone would be looking for a male. She wasn’t much fond of the idea of relying on chance, though, and perhaps it might be wise to ask the troupe’s mage to switch her coloration as she did with Tinder’s hair.

But for now, she was going to need some sleep. After escorting the strange man with the beak outside of the store, she had been unable to find any of her old circus friends, which meant that she would not be needed anywhere today, and she doubted her presence anywhere would be missed. A plus to not being close to anyone in particular, certainly.


District Delta

Pandora had stayed the night at the warehouse, the better to keep watch over the unconscious young poison victim. Her sleep had been fitful at best, but then she was used to this sort of thing. She was up periodically every hour or so to check on him, and was presently convinced that he was stabilized, if not quite ready to wake yet.

The vials the doctor had given her, she had carefully stored somewhere they would not break. She was honestly unsure how to take the fact that he had given them to her at all. The concept of paying her for being allowed to help was a bit strange to the mage, but she had a feeling he was one of those people it would be best not to argue with once he had decided on a course of action. The medicine itself she was unsure of, but she attributed this firmly to her lack of knowledge on such matters and nothing else. She trusted his word for it, which while perhaps foolish wasn’t something she could force herself not to do.

Rather than linger on it, Pandora decided it might be best to purchase some food for her patient, as he looked like he could probably use some when he awoke. As it happened, the money-little as it was- that she had received yesterday would be of great assistance in this matter, but she would need to be careful with ingredient selection because her clinic presently lacked a stove or any other means of producing heat other than her magic, which frankly wasn’t any good for that sort of thing.

As her large blue eyes adjusted to the daylight outside, Pandora flipped the sign on her clinic door to indicate that she would be back soon, and made her way to Delta’s small, poor market district. The fruits and most of the veggies she stayed away from; those had to be cooked thoroughly before they even began to approach palatable. Same for the meats. The bread was a bit on the stale side, but it was inexpensive, and she purchased two loaves of it with her newly-acquired coin. She was actually fairly excited; such a quantity would be more than enough to get the young man back on his feet, and maybe there’d be leftovers that she could take home. She silently thanked Eos, though the memory of how exactly that had happened caused her to shake her head.

As it turned out, her loaves were not to make it quite as far as she would have hoped. The first went in halves to a couple different children she knew didn’t have parents. Such orphans were generally cared for collectively by the community, and Pandora was not one to refuse to do her part. The second made it back to the warehouse all right, though, and she was careful to hide it where it would remind nobody of their empty stomachs, least of all herself, though she did take a couple of slices. She hadn’t eaten since the day before yesterday, after all, and there would probably be no fewer sick or injured today than there had been then.