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located in Cydren Laboratory, a part of Psychosis, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cydren Laboratory

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.


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The planet was dry, sand for miles and miles. It reminded Private Flemming of the Sahara back home. He was part of a unit placed here to make sure the planet was safe for terraforming and colonizing. They had been here for about three months now, Flemming hadn't seen a single sign of life but apparently the Sergeant had seen something moving over near the oasis. The Private just wanted to go home, he had family there, plus this power armor chaffed. Light tan with a black eye slot for protection from the sun. Military issued along with the massive, and hugely inaccurate, gun that they had given him. This all seemed so pointless to him. "Hey soldier, eyes forward!" Flemming looked up quickly and saw something burrowing towards him. He lifted his large gatling gun and pulled back on the handle, releasing over one-hundred bullets a second. A yellow blood splattered out from the back of the pile of sand and the thing, whatever it was stopped moving.

The Sergeant approached the pile of sand and began kicking it to dig. He uncovered a worm like creature with teeth that spiraled in the mouth like out of a cheap sci-fi movie. "Nice shootin' Private. Boys, this just went from a scouting mission to a search and destroy. Ready your guns."

And destroy they had. Kevin thought back to that planet and grinned. Oh boy had that been fun, this posting just completely sucked. He felt his fist connect with something and snapped back to reality, suddenly remembering he was in middle of a sparing match. War flashbacks were common for Kevin in middle of sparring. This just wasn't enough for him. He needed to kill something, he needed something to try and kill him. The alarm suddenly sounded and all the soldiers rushed to get their weapons. The grin returned to Kevin's face Finally, something interesting! Maybe he was just getting his hopes up but he slipped into the armory and grabbed his equipment.

He was quickly given a position and aimed his cannon at the door, prepared to fire, no, eager to fire. If that door opened Kevin's gun was definitely gonna release the first bullet.