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located in Cydren Laboratory, a part of Psychosis, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cydren Laboratory

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.


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“Step back… everything is under control…”. Dax didnt pay much attention to the guard, He knew the answer the guard gave was just a way to settle down the prisoner. With revolver in hand he turned around to face the door. When his eyes met the door, an overwhelming, high-pitched noise, shreiked from beyond it. The door was sent flying towards the group of soildiers, but it went unnoticed due to the fact of what followed behind the Airborne scrap metal.

A being emerged from the C sector, into the Medical Bay. It appeared to be human, untill you reached the upper part of its body. The head of the creature was completely missing, it was replaced by a shadow like smoke. Even thought bullets shot in its direction, it seemed untouched. Even more ackward then that, It knew one of his fellow soldiers name and his "activities". The creature moved rapidly towards the soildier and lifted him off the ground despite the fact the man was twice the beings size, and had full armor on. Dax shot atleast three rounds at the creature, But the creature was unaffected. What followed the creature was even more disturbing, Countless flying shadows began to feel the room, followed by mutts with flaming tails and magma filled mouths. These monsters attack the fleet of soildiers. Dax dived behind a desk that was in the pharmacys waiting room. Before he could take in the Overwhelming events that were taking place, one of the mutts appeared beside him. Without hesitation he jumped up, but was soon tackled to the ground by the beast. The Dogs Magma saliva, dripped next to his face, landing on the floor that was next to him. He could here the sizziling from the magma burning through the floor. A Split second passed and Daxs gun went off, sending a bullet through its chest. He quickly tossed the monsters corpse fearing that he might get seriously burned.

He lifted his body from the ground as quickly as possible. His eyes were blured, when they cleared he came to see more of the monsters seeping into the room. In the other direction were prisoners being released from there cells some running down the hall way that led to Sector D. Which was the opposite way from the exit of this Giant lab. He wondered if they were running for freedom or away from the mostrositys. Others were handed stun batons. Dax knew the Subjects wouldnt have a fighting chance against these things. His train of thought was interrupted when his ears began to hear the screaming of his comrades. He dare not look the direction from which they were coming from. Dax noticed that his partner was down one of the hallways were the prisoners were being released handing out the insufficient stun batons. He quickly made his way to her, weapon at the ready. When he reached her he put his hand on her shoulder trying not to frighten her, but to still get her attention. " We have to get out Jamie." He said in a calm, but shrill voice. Even though his voice was calm he was far from that state of mind. He overcame his scared senseless state, for a mere moment so he may speak calmly to her. He did this because he did not want to add more stress and fear to what she already was feeling.