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located in Cydren Laboratory, a part of Psychosis, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cydren Laboratory

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.


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Jamie watched as people began to file out of their cells. She looked up as one of the air vents began to rattle. A inhuman screech sounded from within. “Everyone… out… -now-” She said raising her weapon as the vent creaked. She jumped when Dax touched her shoulder. “Must I… where is their to run… the next floor has probably prepared the same welcoming party we did… orders have been given… everyone in infected areas are to be purged… but we can try… now lets move it… their in the vents… its not long before they start passing us by and start attacking us from the front.” She said waving him to follow as she hurried past prisoners heading to the door that lead upwards. “Alright… this door leads to the next floor… there is a high chance that there is good deal of soldiers up their waiting to kill us… and the creatures that are loose… this is one of two ways up… its this…” She cleared her throat this was definitely something she didn’t want to do… but she’d rather this then have her men fighting against one another for survival. “We bear our way into the maintenance tunnels… they are very dangerous… but we will most likely survive longer then we will against the men up those stairs… who ever is with me, follow” She said walking to a rather flat wall she took out her I.D. card and pressed it against a fire alarm the wall sliding open. She walked forward looking around the rather large tunnel. One could walk in threes which would make it much easier to move should they be attacked. She moved slowly down the hallway only pausing if Dax started to fall behind.

She stopped before them were two ways one was pitch black…the other well lit… except it had a dark skinned creature kneeling on the floor. Its head seemed like smoke… a pitch black rising from its neck in the form of a head and hair. Its’ face stared forward towards them though it seemed unconscious… unresponsive even though a under armed group of individuals stood before it… those who had seen it tear through the most well trained and heaviest armed and armored men Cydren had cringed starting to back away before out right running towards where they had come from. “Crap… what are we suppose to do… This isn’t just my life… suggestions?” She said in a hushed voice to the others. “We… could try to kill it save a lot of lives… as it seems unable to defend itself… but… it could be a trap… or… its waiting for us to enter the darkness…”