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located in London, a part of London Burning, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Sol was dreaming quietly when a boom outside shook the entire building. He fell backwards onto the floor and scrambled to his feet. Whatever was going on wasn't good, so he placed his foot onto the leg of his chair and snapped the wooden rod free. This would be a little more effective if he encountered danger. Another boom, this one not as loud, resounded from the street in front of the laundry. Sol crept to the window, staying low and out of sight. Outside, several men were tossing molotov cocktails at a squad of Enforcers, who sprayed them with their assault rifles. These Enforcers looked different from the ones Sol had seen before. They wore heavy armor and had fully automatic weapons. Thats when it dawned on him. These soldiers weren't sent to aid the slums, they were sent to wipe it out. He had seen the same thing happen as a boy in Nigeria. The men with the cocktails were soon taken care of, and the new breed of Enforcers marched passed their bodies towards another shop. Sol noticed the front door had been barred and chained from the outside. He watch as the armed men blast their way into the building. Several of them waited outside, keeping watch over the street in case more citizen tried to attack.

"What the fuck is in there?" Sol whispered to himself.

Before long, he'd have his answer. The Enforcers returned to the street dragging several Infected along with them. The people in the slum had been keeping their loved ones hidden to avoid losing them. One of the men radioed in and soon a large truck appeared in the middle of the street. Some of the guards began sweeping the area, checking for more Carriers. Sol, not seeing another option, took the stairs in the back room up to the roof and blocked the door behind him. When he reached the ledge and peered over, a hazmat team armed with torches had already exited the truck and were prepping to dispose of The Infected. Sol watched in horror as the bodies were burned one by one. This was complete madness.

"Oi! Gerry!" A voice called out from one of the shops.

An Enforcer had found more Carriers, but this time he had been alone, and the moment his back had been turned, they had attacked. The Infected tore through the man's armor, biting and punching at him violently. Other guards had started firing, but the bullets went ignored by the group. As long as they were still breathing, they'd keep fighting. Sol, who had noticed another group of Carriers break through a door nearby, called out to The Enforcers, but it was already too late. It took only three minutes for the virus to either infect or kill every single Enforcer in the street, leaving Sol alone on the roof above with no exit. The mass of Carriers, which was now somewhere around thirty, stormed off in different directions. Most of them headed towards downtown London, but others scurried away in the direction of Camden. Only a few remained in the street below, grunting and still beating on the people that hadn't survived. Sol slide down the wall behind him and placed his head in his hands. What was going to happen now? Those things had destroyed an entire squad of troops, and he was just one man. A scared old man armed with a broken chair leg. If there was a time Sol believed in a higher power, it was right now... Because no one else was there to listen...