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located in Cydren Laboratory, a part of Psychosis, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cydren Laboratory

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.


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((Ok, let's hope this isn't too bad a post...))
Considerably less fearful for her life now that a loaded gun had been removed from her face but all the more tense at the prospect of this unexpected freedom Claudia found herself stuck between impulses. One urging her to bolt out the door and run away from all of the potential danger that these people presented and the other to not trust this woman, to keep in a place she knew. Being somewhat of an emancipist, paranoid and frankly bored of looking at the same four walls for days on end it didn't take her long to decide, practically running out of the cell after a moment’s hesitation. Shivers’ eyes darted about the now crowded room; trying to calm herself at yet another strange option they had been given. She had no trust for Jamie or the guard now reluctantly handing over his stun baton to a somewhat deranged former prisoner of his leaders. This was perhaps understandable for her and so were the misgivings the staff and guards no doubt had on this.

The former physician eyed the baton suspiciously; as if it might spontaneously burst into flame should she move to touch it. Shivers slowly reached for it, hand shaking from fear but hesitated to take it with the paranoia gnawing at her. The creaking of the vents, however, spurred her into action and snatched the weapon with her scared green eyes fixed on the ceiling. With all the terrifying, violent sounds bursting through the walls it was somewhat funny (Or would be in hindsight should she survive long enough) that it would be such a slight sound to trigger a reaction. Forcing herself to be an approximation of calm Claudia listened to Jamie, telling them that certain death probably lay at the top of the stairs and that a less certain one may be found on a lower path. She can’t be trusted, screamed the paranoia to her shock synapses, None of them can… It’s a trap to lead you down to a better way of killing you and everyone else, It persisted. But there was that niggling doubt, her remaining logic that knew the operative was probably right.

It the end, reason won, shifting her trembling feet to follow the group heading to the maintenance tunnels. Her fear of her captors was more than that of the monsters for the moment, she staying in the middle of the group with her senses heightened by terror. Another dilemma presented itself in the form of a crossroads, one dark and unknowably dangerous and the other illuminated but with a known peril. The creature was bizarre and fascinating, had she been in a better mindset and the situation not so dire Dr. Brayne would have liked to study this… this - thing - whatever it was. Sadly she had neither time nor logic to spare on it, simply taking into account the information that could be useful for the many, many potential problems that could arise like how many ways it could kill her. She bit her nails, twitching a little as she looked for the safest path with thoughts of death and pain running rampant in her mind. Backwards, should she still choose to believe Jamie, was not an option especially with more creatures likely to be there now. They could try to kill the monster but, as scared as she was her Hippocratic oath, distant though it was here, would not allow her and she had enough wits to remember it. Travelling through the darkness, well, you don’t want to know er horrible thoughts on that scenario.

Shivers opted for an almost brave path, shockingly enough, and approached the well lit path. It was her intention to slip past the monster by, basically, running very, very fast. Taking a depth breath she bolted, keeping to the sides as much as possible and running past the faceless thing.