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located in The Town of Heavensent, a part of Lucy, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Town of Heavensent



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Lesson two, there's right ways to fight. All these things Finnian's father had whispered in his ear as a boy couldn't have prepared him for this. He wondered if Hailey had a better way of handling this, somehow he doubted it. How would any of them deal with this stranger traipsing in their lives without so much as an invitation? Striking eyes wavered on the feline intruder for a moment before whisking its way back towards Vivianne. His brother. He remembered when Vivianne was well enough to be on his feet, well enough to text him every few minutes—because they both worried about each other, in spite of their brave faces. His cell phone ringing over and over was usually annoying, but there was always something about the insistent noise and the faint glowing of the screen in his eyes that was - well, comforting isn't the word, really. He's not sure what he'd call it. Relieving? Calming? Vivianne's trips to the hospital had halted the frequent calls and text messages, Hailey seemed too preoccupied and Jaclynn had pretty much stopped communicating with any of them. Honestly, he was surprised she even showed up. “No way, you were sleeping.” He accused, patting her head absently. In hushed tones, he murmured, “If its a dream... then it's probably a nightmare.”

He sometimes wishes he could remember the feeling of flying over concrete for the simple reason that he could, not because he had to stop something or something from doing who knows what which would affect who knows and cause god knows what and - he misses that feeling. Being able to run just because he was young and he was happy and he had nowhere to go and nowhere to be. Running with his brother and sister. They were a family. Now, he felt like they were less than that. Two things torn apart and drawn together like magnets, pushing and pulling and ebbing with hurt. He wanted to be able to spend more time having fun with Vivianne like before, weightless and free, without having to think about where they would end up and who would miss them. Even his sister had changed. He'd be lying if he said that Hailey was the same as before. All of them had changed and he wished he could snatch times' hand, drag it down and backwards to reach a familiar plateau.

And now the assailant was snatching cookies in his grubby fingers, shovelling them into his mouth like some kind of monster. Was he a monster? Finnian couldn't help but scoff, sinking lower in his seat as he slung his elbows out wide—intruding in Hailey's personal space. He knew he was acting childishly, but he couldn't help it. “It's not a girls name,” He hissed miserably, slapping a hand to his forehead before peeking through his fingers. Luceryn was an irritating gnat, spitting insults like he didn't understand how rude he was being. When Luceryn commented on Jaclynn's baking finesse, another scowl crossed his features and he gripped the arms of his chair to keep himself seated. “And shut the hell up, have some manners!”