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Snippet #1400922

located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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Ali frowned slightly, they had simply stormed in through the castle gates and that was a little bit careless. Theron had sealed them in, and most of the guards outside, still... This would escalate fast, they needed to move. They were currently in a courtyard of sorts, the main entrance of the castle lied straight ahead, but going through it would be simply suicidal. Her eyes wandered quickly towards Jake and she simply smiled at him. He nodded quickly grasping the thought "No, no, no. That's a lousy idea."
"It is not. You can keep us all invisible right?" She asked him.

Jake sighed. "Well... You would all have to be touching me not to brake the illusion. And we would have to walk around like that and stay quiet. It's not practical to say the least." He nodded again. "No. But I do know a good hidden passage into the castle. The catch is... We have to be quick and quiet about it so... We'd have to silence anyone that gets in our way before they have the chance to utter a word." He looked at Crys apprehensive waiting for her decision. She sighed. "Silence doesn't necessarily mean kill. We are trying to start a conversation here. Although it's pretty much pointless in my opinion." Crys knew she had to follow her orders although she had opposed this. It was useless to try and negotiate with Newhaven, she had said that to her mother and they had argued about it... She pushed Jake towards the path she knew he had been meaning to take. "Lead the way then."

Jake led them through a side passage... Servants entrance. Once they were inside they saw themselves inside a dark passageway, out of sight of the castle population. "Okay, I have to ask..." Ali whispered. "How did you know about this?"
Jake scratched his head in a nervous gesture. "Well... I befriended one of the maids here, and she taught me how to sneak in and out."
"Befriended?" Crys repeated the word with a slightly angry tone in her voice.
Jake shrugged. "That was over a year ago. Anyway... I used these tunnels only to go the maids' chambers, but... The throne room is on the opposite wing for what I've heard. I would often sneak out of her room and wander around the castle invisible."
"Have you ever seen him?' Ali asked.
"No. I never went close to the where the guards were, but... I know where it is. Don't know how we'll go unnoticed once we leave the tunnels, but we'll have to think of something." As he spoke he led them through another passage. "Ali, if you hear steps, let us now." The area where they were was only used by the servants to keep them out of sight of the nobles. It was usually rather empty this time of day, but still... Better safe than sorry.

After a lot of walking around the tunnels Jake stopped, gripping the handle of a heavy wooden door. "Unless my sense of direction has gone bad, this should leave us near the throne room."