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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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Evin was very surprised when Theron so recklessly broke into the castle. It seemed like something that Evin would do and not Theron who always seemed to be a lot more thoughtful about what he did before he did it. It didn't matter anymore though. The task at hand was very much important, whether it got anywhere or not. This task at the moment was more important than finding any killer that was out there. He could be tracked down eventually to where ever he was hiding, but the king still had a bounty on the camp. They needed to make sure that the king would respect that we are after this person too and possibly lift the bounty.
He stayed silent walking through the corridors and hallways to the throne room. Evin had snuck around the castle of Newhaven a few times himself, but never really could remember his way around. He remembered a few times where he had to steal important documents from people who lived in the castle and had a sort of office area in it. He could never find the places and would ask passersby in the halls for directions. He never really had to sneak around before, but he guessed that it would be a little different this time due to the bounty.
"...this should leave us near the throne room." Jake said. Evin began to recognise the area a bit more now. He remembered it from a specific mission he had gone on where he had to extract important information from the kings guards. It was a rather simple mission to his knowledge. The guards were in the throne room and he could simply listen in while he hid behind one of the shadows on the high ceiling. He remembered that the ceiling was so high that he was certain that he wouldn't be seen in the shadow. He also remembered an alternate way into the room. It was high up in the floor above and only one guard watched it. It lead to a trap door where one could perch themselves over top of the throne. It was designed obviously for hidden protection of the King and was easily capable to hold ten guards. Fifteen at the most.
"If we can get onto the floor above this one, I know a spot that will allow us to enter the throne room undetected. Gloria and Allison could even stay up there while we discuss things in case we need support from a far." With that, he began to lead them to the room that would save them from being surprised. As he opened the wooden door to the room his hand was caught by a rather large sliver. There was surprisingly no guard waiting in this empty room. "Ouch! There's the trap door that leads to the throne room."


"Is this the girl?" The Shadow asked.
"Yes, she is the noble girl who you said has committed treason." One of the many men said. The men were all heavily armed as if ready for war.
"Good, now leave. All of you." The men all followed his order without a word, leaving the girl there. She was only fifteen at the most.
When all the men had left the large room, he stared over at the girl. She was very nervous and it appeared she had been locked away somewhere for a very long time. She was literally just skin and bones. There were bruise marks on her face that indicates she had been beaten or tortured where ever she was locked up. What really made her look terrible was her blond hair. What appeared to be naturally blond was almost a brown from the dirt and grime that had been stuck in it.
"So I guess you should know the truth. I know you haven't committed treason and even if you have, I could care less. All I know is that you hold a special power that I just need to possess. You are able to duplicate yourself for periods of time."
The brittle voice could be heard from the girl, "Go to hell."
"Who are you to speak to the king like that!" The Shadow's voice boomed through the throne room.
"To think that my own king could be such a scumbag. The man who practically raised me when I was younger. How could he do such a thing!" The faint voice began to boom and echo through the room along with The Shadow's.
"That man died years ago! I took his place and almost no one noticed! No one even knows that the real king is dead and you will never be around to tell anyone otherwise!" The Shadow's boom turned into a maddened roar as he whipped out his mystical dagger. Then, without warning one of the guards entered the room.
"The castle walls have been breached, the assassin's are here."
"Shit!" A voice from the roof came echoing down as Evin's rope dart pierced the guards armour leaving him incapacitated. Evin followed close by swinging down the the rope of the rope dart. Before he reached the bottom, he cut the rope so he had a comfortable amount when he had to escape and fight through hoards of guards. The rest of the rope left room for the rest to swing down on.
"We've come here to talk, not to fight."
Evin was wondering what the king was talking about. Most of the words had become muffled by echo by the time they reached the perch where they were at.