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A small single engine airplane touched down lightly on the dust covered runway, surrounded on all sides by seemingly endless Savannah. As the ramp was lowered a young woman appeared in the doorway, she was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt with a baseball cap on her head. Slinging her backpack on her shoulders she began to descend the stairs smiling as she took in the scenery.

Evelyn was shocked that she had finally made it to Africa, after the incident on the subway three years ago she wasted no time getting into school. She took on an extremely heavy workload, completing a degree that usually took four years in three. And now she was working on her master’s degree, she had come to Africa to work on a wildlife preserve where she would learn things she never could have in a classroom. Touching the dusty ground Evelyn lifted her head to look for the person she was told would meet her and take her to the wildlife center.