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located in Real world., a part of My Guardian Demon, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Evelyn sighed gently as she looked around; she figured that in all this open space she wouldn’t have a hard time finding the person picking her up. But she supposed life out here must be unpredictable, and something must have held up the welcoming comity. Taking off her cap she ran her hand through her light brown hair, she had let her natural color grow out while in school.

As she moved to put her cap back on a shiver went down her spine, she looked around suspiciously. Before shaking her head, deciding she was just nervous in this new place. Once she had calmed herself she noticed something shiny in the dust beneath her. Curious, she bent down to examine the object finding a little silver pendant half buried. Picking it up she discovered it was a silver wing about the size of a silver dollar hanging from a delicate silver chain. “hm I guess somebody must have dropped this” she muttered to herself.