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located in December City, a part of Trigun: The Search For Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Nick snapped his eyes open, waking early in the morning a couple of days ago, from a dream.

Except he knew this wasn't just a dream. It was his life before the coma, six months ago. There was a guy in a red coat, wearing glasses, and holding a handgun, aimed in his direction. 'Needle Noggin' was the name that came to match that face at first. And there were two girls, right behind the guy.... Vash, he remembered! and the girl's names were... Mary....? No. Milly. That was the first one he remembered. She was the taller one, wearing the trenchcoat, and the other girl... Meryl? Yes. The much shorter one with the short black hair. And then there was a church, filled with kids, calling him 'Big Brother.' In December City.

But now it was all back. Every little detail. He could remember who he was, who all of them were... Especially Milly. He hadn't been able to get her out of his head since that day. He had also been wondering what had happened to Chapel, Knives, and his friends. Had they won the fight? And where were they? Did they just leave him with that other priest? No, Milly wouldn't have...

All of these questions, he knew, were about to be answered, with December City dead ahead, Wolfwood sped into the city on a motorcycle he had 'borrowed.' In truth he did have every intention of returning it to the priest's(who had taken care of him) brother, but after he found out what had happened. He stopped the rumbling engine of the bike out front of the Orphanage, and then tossed his leg over, jumping a few feet forward from the bike, landing on his feet. He removed his sunglasses, and then walked up to the open door...