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located in December City, a part of Trigun: The Search For Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.

December City

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"Oh Vash", she scooted her chair out and walked over to him and put her arms around him, "There was no way you could have prevented it Vash its not your fault". The only thing that Meryl could think of was how much she loved this man. "Vash it's only been 6 months give her time and she'll adjust", she ran her fingers through his soft blond hair. "It's okay Vash we're here for her and thats what counts right now", she lifted his chin and looked in his eyes, "Im gonna make a plate for Knives you need to go feed him".

Milly cried into her pillow, "Oh Nick why did you have to leave so soon", she looked down at her stomach, "My little boy I'm so sorry I shouldn't be letting you hear your mother cry like this but I just can't help it".