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located in Ruins, the forest and its magic., a part of The Ruins of Terran, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ruins, the forest and its magic.

Central to the Ruin.


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“How did I know?” He smiled softly, his feet shuffling along the ground, leaning on his cane “Well Jinan, he hasn’t been around company for a long while, so when he frightened you, he came and told me to watch for you. He’s a kind creature, who has been here for many years, he is older than the trees themselves in some cases.” He nodded to himself , though he shot a sharp glance at his companion for calling Jinan an “Animal”. If anything humans were the animals, he thought quietly to himself, he too had seen the destruction the human race had spread across the earth. He had felt the angry eyes on him, for he was the keeper of the keys, he could say who could and couldn’t come here. For such a long time no one but him and the workers had tread these paths, he wondered if they knew how lucky they were, coming here and seeing it all.

“Jinan is a proud old creature, I do not wish to hear you call him an animal. Nor do I think it wise you call him that to his face, he may be kind and protective of you all, but he will not take well to that.” Stepping over a fallen branch he looked back to where the Twins stood, now alone. He felt the slight urge to go back and look for the silly things, but knew he was to tired to help if they were in need anyway. He looked back to the path ahead, looking at the arched branches that blocked out the sky, leaving them sheltered from the gentle droplets of rain, though it would soon fade away. Ahead through the entrance to the estate he could see the blue skies turning a dusky orange, silhouetting the house. He felt a rush of warmth; this place was his home, his sanctuary, the people and the creatures that lived with him his friends and family. He loved this place and was glad to have worked there, lived there and guarded the place he cared for. He himself had been there for just over 80 years, though he looked very little over 70 himself and was just over 100 if he remembered correctly.

“He is older than you or I could ever fully understand and has been guarding this place longer than I would ever wish to.” He stopped just at the edge of the trees, almost unwilling to leave the place. “He has been here since the end of the dark ages, when the Saxons and Vikings were pushed out by the French. Well that’s what I believe anyway, since he has told me many stories of his childhood back then. Though I do not know how he came to be here, he is Egyptian in heritage I believe, though he tells me his family has always been here. Since the gate was first built, it makes you wonder doesn’t it?” He looked at the young man beside him, his eyes sliding over the ruffled form, cane ticking into the soft dirt floor. He reached up, touching one of the old trees around him and imagined that like his old friend Jinan, he too could feel the course of the forest, the beat of its heart and the steady deep drum of each of its breaths, larger than he could fathom. Gold strands glittered lightly between his own grey hairs, few and far between. He sighed, stepping out into the light.


The twins were angry, no, that wasn’t the right word, furious. Darkness fell around their forms, cloud forming around them and blotting out the baking sun. They had not been heeded, even those who had heard their words, they had left too, one by one or in pairs, it did not matter to the twin. Their hair whipped around them in and unfelt wind, their eyes lighting their faces with an ill glow. It was not that the twins were vengeful or petty, but that there had never before been an element of their lives that was not regimented under complete control. They had watched the stupid, petty creatures leave, they would not follow unless asked, it was not their place to do so. If the forest swallowed them, it was not for them to stop.

The left looked at the right, her own light fading a little, though she was more than lit up by her other half. Jinan watched them for a moment, not replying to Nuram’s questions, his eyes carefully measuring the Twins. Soon they would become dangerous, they had nothing to bind them, no God or Myth to hold their form. They were good souls, pure of heart and mind, but they had also take on an aspect of the ruins he had not expected, jealous creatures, that wanted to have things for their own. He supposed that it was something he should have foreseen, for the Ruins had been so hungry of late, even his constant care had not been enough. This was a place to be lived in, full of those special enough, those chosen to guard it and reap the benefits of an easier more magical life. He remembered the old days, when it had been full of life and people, how the dark creatures wouldn’t come near, couldn’t, for fear of the people there. Now, now it was empty, vulnerable to attack, it was the ruins these people were here for, not the forest, sometimes even he forgot that.

“For the moment we are not here to serve the forest, though it is beautiful and the cause of this gate, we are here for the ruins and to protect it. Its call will fall strong among these few chosen, they only feel the forest so far, I fear if they come in the dark, it will be another story.” He got slowly to his feet, large eyes panning around to see if he could spot any of those who had been pulled in. Alas he could not, but he was not worried, this place would keep them safe, these people had been chosen both by the forest and the ruins it held.

“These people, they have been chosen for the similarities they hold, the bright spark that lets the light of the forest in so easily. We both know they are all looking for something, though they may not know it yet.” He looked down with solemn eyes “Poor things lose themselves, humans are weak, but stronger in ways than we could ever imagine. You remember how it was, before, when they used to cross the borders.” He sighed, reaching out to touch the hard scales of Nuram’s tail, tapping his nail along it for a moment. He only waited a moment, though they were old friends, no one was ever quite sure of which way the scorpion like creature would go and he did not want to risk getting hurt today. Atop his head his ears twitched, twisting to listen to the birds and beasts that occupied this place, calling it their home. Something had disturbed it, something that shouldn’t be there. His muscles twitched beneath his thick pelt, moving so his feet once more had a grip on the trees.

“Strangers in small groups are better than in their thous..” He stopped, head twitching to one side, not many things surprised him, Nim was one and he hated it. His tail twitched angrily as the little creature settled next to him, yes it was true, this was the guardian selected for its goodness, but he felt a very unsure that the little thing could do much protecting of anything. This was proved very quickly to be right, he snuffed out a breath, rolling his eyes. He had always been fine with the little thing and up until now, enjoyed its company, but now was a time of unrest, if it came to a fight, what would any Phooka be able to do against the creatures that were coming? He shifted his weight, letting his legs stretch, the muscles warming, he would have to go down and talk to the Twin, their glowing had stopped and he was sure they would be willing t help once more. Overhead the sky was darkening, he did not want the humans, whether they be worthy or not, to come weary tonight. He frowned, giving a deep nod to Nuram, letting him know he was going. Though he was by no means going to reveal himself to further humans yet, he could not let the die for their stupidity, not really.

“Come Nim, I will go and ask the Twins.” His voice was not a silken purr now, but a deep growl, rumbling low and threatening through his chest “I hope for your sake you did not mention us, you know we are not supposed to come out until the night and then only to protect them. If they had stayed where they were supposed to we would not have to do this. You could gain hurt from changing the will of the forest.” He leapt off the tree, moving soundlessly, not a single leaf moving on the trees he touched. His grace was unparalleled, having had over 1000 years to get used his body and how it moved, no0t wasting a single motion and always using every ounce of energy expelled. In the same way, he had been there when each of these trees grew, knew their stories and lives, how they moved and in turn the accepted him, telling him where to step and how mu8ch pressure to place, so he could use it to his advantage. In the trees he passed birds in nests, roosting high out of the way of the beasts below. In fact, alongside them were lizards, mice, monkeys and more, anything that could climb, for nothing else could truly survive here.

“Twins!” He cried dropping from the tree before them, all to aware of the fact that they had never seen him up-close before. “Some of our guests have… Become harmed, will you please assist Nim and take them back?” He asked, his eyes running over their slender figures, they were whip thin, though well muscled all over, like a doe. He nodded to them appreciatively, letting their hands seek through his fur, wisely avoiding his loincloth. He rubbed his head against theirs, they glowed to much, they were so close to crossing over, they only needed a few things to tip the balance. The way they moved made him smile, skittish for sure, but also calm and smooth. He hugged them both close to him, this place would ache without them, they had been the only things of laughter here for over 200 years and he knew they were close with little Nim and the family in the house. Still there was nothing they could do, perhaps they would be sent back and become one of the guardians, for though in two bodies it was one soul they shared and they loved this place as much as he. He did not give them a longer look, but leap up into the trees.

“Nim, which way are they?” They asked, looking for the little creature.

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