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located in Ruins, the forest and its magic., a part of The Ruins of Terran, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ruins, the forest and its magic.

Central to the Ruin.


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So it had been true, all of it. No hallucinations, no dream, no figment of an overstimulated imagination, just another resident of the forest. And an old one by Thomas' account. How old, he didn't say exactly at first but Demetrius was startled enough just knowing that such a creature wasn't ficticious, it's age was really no concern of his. What was of concern was that it was roaming the forest and, from what he could tell, reported to Mr. Thatcher. It was the worst form of conclusion, one that led only to more questions, more than he could allow to flow through his head just now, more than could likey be answered in a night of constant talk. Fortunately he had something to cut these questions out of his thought process, he received a dagger-stare from Thomas that was almost as shocking as the revelation that he in fact been confronted by what could only be described as a pet of the Gods. The question formed on his lips but was answered before he could compose himself enough to ask. Of course, he thought. How was I supposed to know THAT? But now he did, which was only an advantage in his mind. Should he run into Jinan again he knew what not to call him.

As Mr. Thatcher looked over his shoulder and back down the path Demetrius took the moment to apologise. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offence by the word. I just didn't know what else to call him... He's a bit of a shock to the system." He was speaking honestly and hoped that maybe he could lighten the mood and salvage some of his mind which seemed to be rapidly deteriorating the closer he got to the house. He waited for the other man to carry on his way, taking care not to peer over his shoulder and let him search for what, or who, ever it was he sought.

A few moments of silence signalled their continuation towards the edge of the treeline where they stopped again for Thomas to fully explain the age of Jinan. If he was right then Demi, while he wasn't an expert on animals, thought he may well be the oldest living creature on the planet. And he'd stood face to face with him. He shuddered without knowing why. Perhaps it was the images that came along with having lived that long. Seeing entire ages pass by and leave you behind, seeing the rise and fall of monarchs, governments, wars and times of peace. Considering the history of Britain he was amazed there was any room in Jinan's heart for the species at all. It certainly did make Demetrius wonder, it made him wonder what exactly was going on here. Ancient creatures, visions, injuries (Which he was sure he had seen in the bedraggled form of Ulva), there was far more than just a tour of a ruin at stake here and he knew it. With no idea how, he just knew.

"Makes me wonder a few things, yeah..." He started but decided not to finish with what was on his mind. Whatever the answer was it could wait. There was only so much a man could take in at one time and that limit had been passed at the top of the tower. "We'll be seeing Jinan again, won't we Mister Thatcher?" It was not a straightforward question. The tone suggested he knew the answer already and as a result it was more of a statement to be acknowledged. It was a dark tone that spoke of more than just curiosity, it spoke, if only very discreetly, of anger and disillusionment. For the first time since arriving in the charming grounds Demetrius had decided there was someone here he didn't like.

"You'll understand if I need to leave so abruptly but I took quite the tumble back there and I need to lie down." The hints were gone from his voice now and there was only a weary resignation to the inevitable that remained. "Good day Mister Thatcher" he finished with a quick nod of the head before setting off at a quick stroll to the house, mind already pulsing with thought once more. He knew he didn't like the older man but he couldn't tell himself exactly why until he thought it over on his way back to his room. It wasn't his demeanour, the man was a perfect gentleman with far more comprehensibility than others his age. It wasn't the house, the grounds or even the forest. Despite what had happened and the effect it was having on him, he loved each and every aspect of it, again without knowing how it could be. Why then should he find such a dislike for a man who had no undesireable characteristics and had invited him to this wonderous place for no more than to stroll and take in views that had eluded mankind for centuries? There's more to it than that he thought.

And there it was, plain as day to him now. He harboured such a feeling because that wasn't the reason they were here. They were not tourists and there was a reason no one had been allowed into the ruins for such a long time. They were here for some unknown purpose, which they were all blind to, it had to be. Why else would there be ancient creatures watching their moves, guides, unexplainable incidents? He felt insane for having such thoughts. But in times when one's own mental stability is in a questionable state there is only one way to test. He had to find someone else to back him up. And if there was anyone here that could put pieces of a puzzle together then he knew exactly where to find such a person. He checked his watch. He judged that he had enough time to shower, ask a few questions nearby while checking if Ulva was OK and get changed and ready to be in the bar to wait for Seamus. Then he could set about trying to find some answers.


Nuram listened patiently to his friend, waiting for an oppurtunity to find something, anything, that he could twist around and use for himself. It was terrible, and he knew it, to use one who had been so close to him for so long but he had no choice anymore. He did not respond any more than necessary, instead taking the time to enjoy the calm before the storm. And there was a storm coming, far away as it may be he could feel it. It had to arrive. For his own sake.

He heard the tap of claws on his tail more than he felt it. He would be able to describe the segments of casing on his lower half as an exoskeleton had he known the word. It was thick, solid bone with very few nerves to pick up signals at the surface. Nonetheless, he could feel, if only very slightly, although he did not like to be touched most times. Today was different though, he knew it may be the final time he stood side by side with Jinan in a long time, or perhaps even ever again, so he endured it, even making the effort to rest a hand on the other's shoulder. Here he sensed the sudden tension in muscle and flicked his eyes down in the same direction as Jinan's ears had swivelled to see Nim there once more. He ignored the tiny creature this time, the humans were not his concern.

"I do not see how you can accept such faith in humans Jinan. You always were wise but more recently you strike me as a fool." There was no malice in his voice, no sympathy, no accusation, just honesty. "These frail creatures have run in here and followed blindly whatever senses they have. Were things different they would have perished already." He wanted to stop there but couldn't. "Were we not bound otherwise I could have snapped my claw and had them run right through these bushes into my grasp." He let his hand fall and raised a pincer to give it a snap in demonstration. "There is no more to them than we can see. Anything that comes from them hereafter will be the work of the forest and you know it." But the debate, if it was destined to rise to that, was cut short there. Jinan was leaving with Nim to find the twins. Nuram had never been as close to them, in any way, than the other two so he was a little wary about following. He had one more question for his old friend.

Taking a moment to assert himself Nuram followed along the path Jinan had taken, leaping out across the path the humans had occupied in a blur and charging through the treeline on the other side, keeping an eye and an ear out for Jinan's movement in the canopy above. He was difficult to follow, even moreso after all this time. With each and every passing year the guardian got faster and quieter. Will he never age? Nuram thought to himself as he hurtled along the forest floor giving chase. It took him a little longer than his friend to arrive and when he did he saw the twins in an embrace with him before he leapt off into the trees again. He caught up as quickly as he could without being too close.

"Jinan!" he called up. "You speak so readily of service and protection. But what if there was another way?" He wanted to extend a chance, something to consider if nothing else. And while remaining no different to usual. It was not going to be easy for him. "You have devoted so much of your life to this place, why not stop? The humans are here now. The other creatures roam day and night. Why not let the forest choose someone else? There is so much of this world, and others besides, that you will never see if you do nothing but what the forest and the ruins tell you. Something is going to happen my friend, could you tell yourself you were happy with what you have done when the end comes?" It was more than he had meant to say but if worst came to worst he could express it as an outburst of doubt, though it was something he rarely did. "Can you truly say you desire nothing more?" And so he stood staring up into the branches at Jinan, waiting for an answer.