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located in Eutarymn, a part of Seas of Paradise: The Search for Ilma, one of the many universes on RPG.


The lush capital of Resnat.


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Will swung down off his ship by a rope onto the dock. This was deffinately how he made all of his entrances. It was more fun than just walking off, and, to be honest, it looked cooler to see someone swing on a rope off their ship opposed to walking off quietly. This was why it was perfect for Will. He always made an entrance. It was just his thing. He had come back to Eutarymn for a few hours to talk to his father about he and his crew's next adventure. He knew his father would be ecstatic that he was taking on such a great task as searching for the mysterious woman called Ilma. Will called up to the ship to his crewmembers, "Do whatever you want, but be back at the ship in six hours! We leave at midnight!" He turned his head to the sky and smiled after he said that. "Just kidding, more like six, but all the same!" With that, he walked off torwards the inside of the city where his father stayed in a small house.

Will reached his father's house after about thirty minutes and made his way up the cobblestone path to the front door. He knocked five times and waited at the door for his father to answer. Hopefully he was home at the time. His answer was quickly answered as his father opened the door and lit up at the sight of his son. They hadn't seen each other in over two years. "My boy," he said and opened his arms to hug Will. Will walked into his grasp and they hugged for a few seconds and then walked inside of the small cottage.

"So what brought you here?" asked Will's father as they both sat down in the living room. His father stood up and stirred the fire, then sat down to wait for Will's answer.

"Well, I wanted to tell you about me and the crew's new adventure." Will sat back and smiled. "We're heading off to find Ilma. Have you heard of her?"

His father nodded and smiled. "Yes son, ofcourse I have."

"What do you think?" asked Will, looking at his father for approval. His father was one of the wisest pirates to ever sail the seas and his advice was very important for Will. They both were very adventurous though, so Will guessed he would approve.

"I think that this specific quest will be very hard to do. I love you son, and I don't want you to get hurt, but I think if you're careful, it'll be a great adventure and story to tell once you either finish it or fail. Either way it will deffinately be interesting." Will smiled at his answer and then propped his feet up on the coffee table. They both finished their conversation and began new ones and caught up with what was going on for the next few hours.