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located in Eutarymn, a part of Seas of Paradise: The Search for Ilma, one of the many universes on RPG.


The lush capital of Resnat.


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Jake walked along the deck, inspecting the crew. He found a group setting up a table over one of the deck cannons and moved towards 'em, "What'cha plannin here mates?" He asked, awaiting answers they knew were expected. One of the men turned to him and showed a pack of cards, "Blackjack, you want in?" he said, it was known that Jake was easygoing, and he smiled and nodded, "Ill get us some chairs then" he said, motioning for one of the other men to help. They went belowdecks and got a couple of chairs, and took them up to the table. As the group sat down, Jake looked out at the place he had grown up in, and put in his bet.

(What's the currency here?)